SMiC MATRIX: Reshaping The Future Of The Digital Economy

February 27 20:55 2024

Economic Development

The economy is a process of satisfying supply and demand, covering the production and reproduction of societal goods. In this process, economic activities follow the laws of production and reproduction, continuously creating and re-creating value through the processes of production, distribution, exchange, and consumption. From the traditional market economy to the modern intelligent economy, the form and connotation of the economy have continuously evolved, driving social progress and development.

In the traditional era, the market economy was the dominant economic form. At that time, people generally believed that hard work would lead to corresponding rewards, making diligent individuals the main earners. However, with the advent of the internet era, the information economy quietly emerged. In this era, intelligent individuals began to stand out, adept at utilizing information and seizing business opportunities, thereby amassing greater wealth.

Today, with the arrival of the intelligent era, the data economy has become the new economic form. In this era, those who control traffic have become the main earners. Traffic has become the new “currency,” with those possessing it able to gain more business opportunities and profits through data analysis and targeted marketing.

The economic state of the intelligent era has reached a critical point of traditional economies. The old economic models are struggling to adapt to new market demands and development trends, and people are seeking a new economic model to change the status quo.

SMiC: Discovering the New Digital Economy

Throughout human history, the invisible hand of supply and demand has always driven the progress of civilization. In the digital era, this relationship has been revitalized and reshaped. Within the wave of the new digital economy, the SMiC platform, with its unique perspective and forward-thinking strategy, is leading this transformation.

The founding team of SMiC believes that digitalization, as a revolutionary means of using information technology to reshape the elements and distribution methods of production, allows for the precise allocation and efficient utilization of production factors through digital technologies. At the same time, it breaks down traditional distribution models to achieve a more equitable and rational distribution of earnings.

The “New Digital Economy” — SMiC has infused it with a new concept: a model centered around “platform + traffic + data computation + security + assets” can lead to a new economic paradigm that drives epochal change. In the digital age, every aspect of economic activity has become highly digitalized, with information flow, capital flow, and logistics all operating efficiently on digital platforms, creating a completely new economic ecosystem.

Platforms play a crucial role in the new digital economy. They serve not only as a bridge connecting supply and demand but also as centers that accumulate vast amounts of data and provide intelligent services. Through big data and artificial intelligence technologies, platforms can perform precise matching and intelligent recommendations, significantly improving the efficiency of economic operations and user experience.

Traffic holds a pivotal position in the new digital economy. Each traffic source is an interface, representing potential market opportunities and commercial value. When all interfaces are connected to the platform, a vast matrix is formed. This matrix not only links countless individuals and organizations but also aggregates massive amounts of data and information, providing a continuous driving force for sustainable economic development.

The concept of the matrix holds special significance in the digital age. It is not just a mathematical or computer science term, but also a philosophical idea representing equitable distribution and mutual benefit. In the matrix, all participants are equal, achieving mutual benefits through sharing resources and collaborative innovation. This new model of distribution not only stimulates people’s enthusiasm and creativity but also lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the economy.

SMiC Platform

SMiC platform is not only a digital new economy ecosystem but also a community of fate that brings together innovation, cooperation, and win-win for its users. It gathers elite forces in finance and technology, integrating various projects, data, traffic, and resources into a vibrant ecosystem matrix. This matrix not only considers the balance of supply and demand but also incorporates decentralized financial control mechanisms, nine major revenue combinations, and other innovative elements. These designs ensure the stability and sustainability of the SMiC matrix, providing participants with a wide platform and abundant opportunities.

SMiC platform adheres to the belief that “everyone is a SMiC user,” valuing “steady appreciation and extensive sharing,” and aiming to “build a harmonious, long-lasting, and prosperous digital world” as its long-term vision. It advocates for every user to become a participant and beneficiary of the digital economy. Here, every participant is a pioneer of the digital economy, jointly splitting the market influence through social sharing, resource integration, etc., and promoting the development of the digital economy while achieving personal and community prosperity.

The core of SMiC lies in its on-chain multiplication model and the design of digital vouchers. SMiC digital vouchers not only record transactions and ownership, but are also carriers of value growth. Based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, it ensures the vouchers’ non-declining, decentralized, and perpetual multiplication value. Holders can create more income and value in the digital new economy ecosystem through digital vouchers, achieving continuous wealth growth. This model ensures the stable growth of digital vouchers, bringing continuous value returns to holders. Digital vouchers are not just a proof of assets but also a proof of rights to participate in the SMiC digital economy ecosystem. Holders can share the platform’s profits and decision-making rights, becoming “shareholders” of the SMiC digital economy ecosystem.

Nine Highlights

The SMiC platform ecosystem, with its nine highlights, provides a stable and efficient investment environment for SMiC digital securities holders.

  • The world’s first on-chain multiplication model

SMiC has successfully combined blockchain technology with the concept of multiplication, innovatively launching the world’s first on-chain multiplication model. This model ensures the transparency, security, and immutability of transactions while offering users unprecedented opportunities for value growth.

  • Value-multiplication economic model

Based on a carefully designed economic model and algorithms, the SMiC ecosystem can bring continuous value growth to users. This model not only motivates user participation but also promotes a virtuous cycle and healthy development within the ecosystem.

  • Various foundation empowerment

By introducing professional investment institutions and financial resources, SMiC provides valuable growth opportunities and quality endorsements for innovative and investment products within the ecosystem.

  • Decentralized control of funds

In the SMiC ecosystem, the control of funds is decentralized, meaning no single entity or individual can control the flow of funds, increasing the system’s security and fairness.

  • Nine income combinations

SMiC offers nine different income combination options, allowing users to choose the right combination based on their risk tolerance and return expectations. This flexibility meets the needs of different users.

  • 32+ communities integration

In its early development, the SMiC ecosystem established partnerships with over 32 communities, bringing a significant number of users and traffic to the ecosystem. This not only enhances the vitality of the ecosystem but also improves its market influence.

  • Circulations system drives continuous growth

SMiC has designed a unique economic circulation system that can flexibly adapt to various changes, be it internally or externally, new or old. More importantly, this system ensures continuous value growth, achieving a stable performance of growth only. Among them, the free trade, secure circulation, and dual-engine drive in the STC market ensure the liquidity and stability of the vouchers. The U2U market provides SMC users with a convenient and efficient cash bean trading method, enhancing the flexibility and privacy of digital assets.

  • Ecosystem+ empowerment

As a highlight of the SMC platform, the ecosystem+ provides SMiC digital securities holders with a unique consumption and financial management experience. Here, consumption is not just about meeting needs, but a way of financial management. By participating in activities of the digital new economy circle, SMiC users can enjoy shopping, service consumption, and other areas while achieving wealth multiplication.

  • Endurance Sustainability

With advanced technical architecture and reasonable economic model design, the SMiC ecosystem has excellent endurance. This ensures it can operate stably and continuously over the long term, creating value for users and ecosystem partners.

Volcano Project

Volcano Project is one of the core strategies of the SMiC platform. It helps SMiC users keep pace with the rapid development of the digital economy and deeply engage with the latest digital products. This plan not only provides unprecedented opportunities and possibilities for the platform’s users, but also highlights SMiC’s steadfast commitment to collective wealth, long-term benefits, and the spirit of continuous transformation.

Volcano Project emphasizes the importance of collective wealth and long-term benefits, and is a significant manifestation of the transformative spirit of the SMiC platform. The core goal of the Volcano Project is to discover and promote cutting-edge projects primarily based on decentralized products, including but not limited to decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and NFT markets. These products are not only highly innovative and have great market potential, but also offer a wide variety of participation methods for users, whether as investors, developers, or ordinary users, everyone can find their own stage here.

Through this plan, the SMiC platform hopes to provide users with a new way of digital asset management and value enhancement, while driving innovation and development in the entire industry.


SMiC platform is attracting an increasing number of users with its unique charm and boundless potential. As a leader in the digital new economy, it will continue to work tirelessly towards building a harmonious, sustainable, and prosperous digital world. Under the guidance of the SMiC platform, we have every reason to believe that the digital economy will embrace a more prosperous and bright future. Let us look forward to the arrival of that day and witness the new chapter of the digital economy together.


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