Legally blind Chef Mary Mammoliti finds Ability in Disability, Empowers others through food

April 01 06:48 2023

Toronto, Ontario – March 31, 2023 – Cullinary Expert and TV personality, Mary Mammoliti, is excited to announce the release of season 3 of her popular TV show, Dish With Mary. The show is designed to be accessible and inclusive of all home cooks, regardless of their experience or abilities. With a focus on fun and easy to follow recipes and techniques, Mary’s show has quickly become a fan favorite. 

Mary, who is legally blind due to a degenerative eye disease, called Retinitis Pigmentosa has been able to turn her disability into a source of inspiration and empowerment. “Cooking is one of the best things about life,” Mary said. “For many, it’s therapeutic and even empowering, but it most certainly nourishes and connects us all. With a little creativity, and the proper accessibility modifications, everyone can find joy in the kitchen.” 

Season 3 of Dish With Mary airs weekly on Thursdays for eight episodes, with episode 3 premiering now. The show can also be streamed online at Dish With Mary on YouTube or

In Season 3 of Dish with Mary, Mary will be joined by eight Canadian chefs, including Chef Louie Lui, Chef Kevin “Mad Chef” Munroe, Chef Dan Hayes (a.k.a. The London Chef), Chef Dan Bain, Chef Tommy Schneider, Chef Zach Keeshig, Chef Nuit Regular and Kyle Bruce. will make the recipes featured in each episode available for viewers post-broadcast. The program will also feature insightful discussions between Mary and the chefs, delving into their culinary journeys and the driving force behind their passion for cooking. 

Mary’s journey to becoming a celebrated chef and TV personality has been a remarkable one. Mary has refused to allow her disability to limit her potential or diminish her zest for life. “I am fearless, creative, and a lover of life, Mary declared. Embracing the unknown, and celebrating all life has to offer. I’ve struggled, made mistakes and took a long look at myself in the mirror. That was my ‘light bulb’ moment. The bottom line is this: I’m finding the ability in my disability.” 

Mary’s story is one of resilience and determination. She has overcome incredible obstacles to become a prominent figure in the culinary world, and her story serves as an inspiration to anyone facing their own challenges. By celebrating her achievements and focusing on her passions, Mary has been able to turn a difficult situation into a life filled with endless possibilities.

Mary’s show is the perfect example of this philosophy. By providing easy-to-follow recipes and techniques that are accessible to all, Mary has created a show that is both entertaining and informative. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner, Dish With Mary is the perfect way to improve your culinary skills and expand your horizons in the kitchen.

So tune in to Dish With Mary today and discover the joy of cooking for yourself. With Mary’s guidance and expertise, you’ll soon be creating healthy, delicious meals that will impress even the most discerning food critics.

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About Mary Mammoliti  

Mary Mammoliti is a Toronto-based Cullinary expert who is well-known for her Kitchen Confession blog. With her experience in recipe curation, and her work as a radio and TV personality, Mary also hosts AMI’s Kitchen Confession podcast as a freelance professional. She is passionate about educating and speaking about vision loss and hopes to inspire others to find their own path to happiness.  Season 3 of Dish with Mary is set to debut on Thursday, March 16th, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on AMI-tv. For those who missed past episodes, and the AMI-tv App will provide streaming access to all seasons.   

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