Swapabee has been recognized as a top 6 impactful startup in a startup competition in Europe

April 01 06:45 2023

The startup is building an ecosystem that helps people reduce their carbon footprint by swapping.

Environmental startup, Swapabee is helping people change their wasteful habits by facilitating them to swap their old items for different ones. The platform, which has been dubbed the “Tinder for swaps’, is aimed at reducing the amount of waste ending in landfills that are wreaking havoc with the environment. The startup has already made waves in the European startup scene for its contribution to the circular economy and recently won a top 6 position in a prestigious startup event. This speaks to the environmental entrepreneurship of the platform and its potential for making a positive impact in the world.

The platform will help reduce the impact of the fashion industry by promoting sustainable fashion with people able to swap their wardrobes with another, so they don’t have to buy a new dress just for one event or occasion. The innovative concept will also help families and people on a budget, such as students, to be able to get access to things like clothing, furniture, and electronics without breaking the bank.

Talking to the media, “We are humbled for being recognized as a top circular marketplace in the world and will keep working on reshaping consumerism. We want to make swapping an acceptable norm where people can enjoy new items without contributing to waste and pollution. This app will also help people who are worried about the inflation levels, and the rising cost of living get access to high-quality items”.

Explaining how the app works, the spokesperson continued, “We all remember how boring and useless dating sites were before the revolutionary impact of Tinders machine learning matching algorithm. Imagine sitting at home and seeing your old PlayStation game, phone, or bag. Taking a picture of it and swiping left or right to find a suitable swap. That’s how easy the process is. Users just need to upload a photo of their item and let our machine learning algorithms keep showing them options that they find a match and both parties are satisfied. People are constantly swapping things like games, dresses, and even large items like cars for boats.”

 By encouraging swaps, the platform promotes a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. The website is available in multiple counties including the US, UK, and Switzerland.

People interested in joining the swapping revolution can visit their website today or download their app now. Swapabee is available in the UK, USA and Switzerland.




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