Rekindle The Passion: Couple Who Re-Married Unveils Book “How Badly Do You Want It?”

February 02 12:38 2023

A Married Couple’s Guide to A Healthy & Passionate Marriage, to be Released February 15, 2023.

The Kitchens Table is proud to announce the upcoming release of ”How Badly Do You Want It?”, a book by the married couple Wilber & Quashaunda Kitchens. The book is set to be released on February 15, 2023, and is now available for pre-order.

Here is a glimpse of an excerpt from their book: Chapter 8 Distinguish between Trust and Control

‘’Early on in your marriage, distinguish how trust and control looks to you. This can be a slippery slope that can show up in a marriage quite often when there is a lack of effective communication. Solid marriages have to be built on trust.’’

No matter the circumstances, this book provides readers with all the tools to create and maintain a healthy and passionate marriage. It contains practical strategies and examples this couple has used to build the marriage they both want. Readers can learn the secrets of crafting a long-lasting and satisfying marriage through this book.

Their first marriage to each other had its challenges, but the couple was determined to overcome them and have built a successful second marriage.

”How Badly Do You Want It?”, is full of advice on nurturing a successful and passionate marriage. From communication strategies to conflict resolution tips and ways to reignite the spark, this book is the perfect guide for couples who want to strengthen their bond.

This book heralds a new dawn for couples looking to rekindle the passion they once shared in their marriage. Written by Wilber & Quashaunda Kitchens, ”How Badly Do You Want It?” explores the power of communication and building a strong foundation of mutual respect.

Practical advice and personal narratives provide an honest look into the struggles and successes of a marriage gone wrong and rebuilt from the ground up. They share tenets that can help any couple, from newlyweds to those who have been married for decades, to navigate the inevitable conflicts, disputes and disappointments that come with being in a committed relationship.

This release is not only a book but the couple also has coaching programs to help couples put the strategies that they learn into practice. The Kitchens Table team is dedicated to assisting couples in building the healthy and passionate marriages they desire.

The Kitchens Table has done it again and is excited to announce the upcoming release of ”How Badly Do You Want It?”. With this release, they hope to help couples get their relationships back on track and reignite their passion for each other.

This couple’s love also created a line of luxury dinnerware and flatware perfect for intimate dining. Their goal towards creating this fine dining collection was to help couples create an environment where they can slow down, share a meal, and focus on reconnecting during their meal.

The Luxury Dinnerware and Flatware Set was published in Modern Luxury Interiors Magazine, Volume IV 2022, The Refresh Issue. It was also featured at their in-person event, To Live & Dine. Readers can pre-order the book now and be one of the first to receive a copy when it is released on February 15th, 2023.

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