The Government of Turkey eVisa Service is Now Available to Citizens of Bahrain and Mexico

August 15 19:07 2022
The Turkey Visa Online is an electronic travel permit implemented by the Turkish government for Bahraini and Mexican nationals, allowing them to stay in the country for up to three months.

The electronic visa for Turkey is a document that may be obtained online from the Turkish government and is required for entry into Turkey. On this website, citizens of countries eligible to apply for a visa to enter Turkey must give both personal and passport information.

The Turkey eVisa is a visa with multiple entries that authorizes stays of up to 90 days each visit. The Turkey eVisa is only applicable for business and tourism-related activities.

For Turkey Visa for Bahrain Citizens or Turkey Visa for Mexican Citizens. people can apply for a Turkey Visa online, and the process takes as little as five minutes. Applicants must provide information similar to that found on a passport information page, including personal details and contact information (email and physical address). The process is highly streamlined for the citizens as the only requirement is an email Id, a Credit or Debit card in 1 of the 133 currencies accepted, or Paypal.

The date of the citizen’s departure must be within ninety days of the citizen’s arrival. Even for a one-day stay or ninety days trip, holders of Bahraini or Mexican passports need to apply for and get a Turkey Electronic Travel Authority. If the citizens plan to remain in the country for a more extended period, they need to apply for the appropriate visa for their situation. A visa is required when traveling to Turkey for any reason other than vacation or business. If anyone wants to study or work in Turkey, they will need to apply for a normal, traditional, or sticker visa at the Turkish embassy or commission nearest to their home. To understand the eligibility and other details, please visit their official website.  

About Turkey Visa Online

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