PacMotor Presents a Joystick-controlled Dual Motor System allowing for Effortless Kayaking in Fresh and Salt Water

January 17 10:28 2022
PacMotor developed a revolutionary joystick-operated dual-motor kayak system and is preparing for a Kickstarter campaign scheduled for the 12th of January.

PacMotor is a company that has developed an innovative dual-motor system that allows users to operate their kayaks remotely.

Equipped with exquisite features and a pair of robust thrusters, as well as PacMotor’s flagship 16.8V battery box, the system has surpassed all expectations from its users in terms of efficiency, power, and convenience. PacMotor is supplied with a fool-proof wireless joystick control that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

“PacMotor’s patent-pending dual-motor design offers an unbeatable level of control. Single-motor designs force you to turn in a wider radius, making navigation clumsy and imprecise. Unlike the competition, PacMotor is the first and only dual-motor system on the market.”

The system offers compact portability, unparalleled kayak accessibility, a customizable frame, and simple installation. PacMotor is ideal for kayak beginners as it simplifies and makes it easy to switch between motoring and paddling. Seasoned veterans can benefit from it as well, as it opens up a broad scope of additional options – automated paddling is invaluable in emergencies, for bass fishing, people with health issues, and more. 

With thousands of units ordered during pre-sale, dozens of satisfied customers have praised the revolutionary PacMotor dual motor system. A verified tester pointed out:

“If you’re into kayak fishing, do yourself a favor and get this product. No more awkward one-handed paddling when you’re already struggling to wrestle a fish. Much better precision and control. I cannot tell you how much more enjoyable it is.”

Another tester from Lake George, New York, noted:

“Kayaking is my favorite way to exercise. I can really go all out knowing that PacMotor will paddle for me on the way back!”

While PacMotor prepares for the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, hundreds of customers eagerly anticipate new updates while waiting for the launch. More information about PacMotor is available on the brand’s Kickstarter page.

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