Motivational Speaker Jarom Smith on the Key to Achieving Inner Peace

January 17 09:15 2022
Motivational Speaker Jarom Smith on the Key to Achieving Inner Peace

No amount of wealth or degree of success in the world can buy inner peace. This reality is something that motivational speaker and socio-emotional expert Jarom Smith knows intimately, having witnessed the struggles of people around him. We consider Jarom Smith one of the top experts when it comes to emotional wellness, and he came up with a key element that leads to genuine inner peace: emotional accountability. 

“Accountability isn’t about taking the blame in our lives. It’s about taking control of our lives,” shared Smith. “If we never stop to assess our lives, we are less likely to recognize the victories! Accountability is about recognizing where and how we have the power to change or improve. Many of us go through our lives with less power because we refuse to recognize that there was any error. If we don’t stop to recognize the false interpersonal beliefs about ourselves and others, known as cognitive distortion, we are powerless against distress and are less likely to feel fulfilled.”

Smith is the founder of The Stronghold, a one-on-one coaching program best known for its unique program designed to help people make a positive shift in life and achieve overall emotional well-being. Smith was able to successfully use this platform to communicate some harmful and false beliefs that a lot of people tend to subscribe to. Mostly, it results in unhealthy practices that prevent them from achieving their full potential. Surprisingly, this observation also applies to many young people today, something that Smith believes should be intentionally countered to help today’s young people see things from the right perspective. 

“One thing that became obvious is that the youth of today seem much more distressed now than in the past. Things have changed since I was a kid, and peer comparison is now off the charts since we live in an age of social media. Then, I started recognizing it in adults as well. We cleave to judgment as a source of value, but we don’t realize that judgment is a two-edged sword,” Smith explained. “When we judge someone else, we unwittingly hold ourselves to that same standard, no matter how unreasonable. We are riddled with false, subjective beliefs about ourselves, and it’s killing us. We apply perceived expectations that were never there.”

The rising motivational speaker is looking at the possibility of starting a non-profit organization that provides counseling to school districts, allowing students to have access to coaching intended to help them recognize false beliefs and shift into a healthier mindset. Having experienced relevant change during his youth due to the influence of positive people, Smith hopes to do the same for the present generation’s young people. 

Smith has spent a huge portion of his career in the entertainment industry as an actor and producer. Throughout his career, he has experienced and seen how show business can be a lot of fun, but it often fails to bring lasting fulfillment, which many of his high-profile friends in the entertainment business affirm. 

Being able to coach people to break free from their crippling beliefs is something that he sees himself doing long-term, especially because the need can no longer be suppressed. People recognize the problem and are becoming more open to being mentored. By educating his audiences, he wishes to create a bigger awareness of the need to focus on one’s personal well-being and personal growth. 

If you’re interested in joining Smith’s free coaching program, just text 310-497-3807.

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