Reverse My Tinnitus Review Examining Dr. James Phillips’ And Alan Watson’s All-Natural Tinnitus Treatment Guide

January 26 10:14 2015

The methods and techniques outlined in this tinnitus treatment guide are all-natural, safe, effective, and fast-acting.
Reverse My Tinnitus is a newly released tinnitus treatment guide that promises to provide quick and permanent relief using only all-natural, safe and effective methods. The recent release of this tinnitus treatment guide has generated quite a lot of excitement in the health and nutrition community. As a result, it has caught the attention of Will DeMarco of, prompting him to do an investigative review for his readers.

“Reverse My Tinnitus promises to reverse the symptoms of tinnitus quickly,” reports DeMarco. He adds, “Tinnitus is more than a mere nuisance. The ringing, buzzing and fatigue that comes from the lack of sleep associated with tinnitus, can have a huge impact on a person’s quality of life. Dr. Phillips’ and Watson’s tinnitus treatment guide has already reportedly provided relief for over 100,000 users. I was impressed by these numbers and wanted to learn more.”

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DeMarco reports, “I found the background on the development of this treatment guide to be quite compelling. Dr. Phillips is an ear-nose-and-throat specialist with twenty-five years experience. Watson, a former sufferer of tinnitus was in consultation with Dr. Phillips when he learned that tinnitus is caused by damage to the myelin sheath, the protective layer that surrounds the nerve cells in the ear. Dr. Phillips provided Watson with a list of foods containing certain compounds that allow the body to produce the antibodies necessary to promote myelin sheath repair. Peer-reviewed studies have shown myelin sheath repair reverses tinnitus symptoms. By introducing the foods recommended by Dr. Phillips into his diet and experimenting with different dosages and portions, Watson reports that he was able to rid himself entirely of tinnitus symptoms quickly and that has been completely symptom-free ever since.”

The treatment guide comes in the form of a downloadable ebook and includes a comprehensive list of the foods and nutrients needed for myelin sheath repair. Moreover, treatment can be tailored to each individual user’s needs by way of dosage and portion control in order to achieve maximum efficacy. There are also two bonus features available, Tinnitus Sleep Solution and Tinnitus Stress Soothers. The First bonus focuses on a four-step solution to having and maintaining a successful sleep strategy. The second bonus is designed to walk the user through techniques on how to reduce stress in just a couple of minutes.  

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“Overall, I was impressed with this tinnitus treatment guide and in my opinion it’s the best of its kind on the market. I like that the guide is designed to be easy-to-follow and that everything is available at the local supermarket. Given the accessibility of the foods and compounds needed for treatment, this is a much more cost-effective option than conventional forms of treatment. In the end, if you’re suffering from tinnitus and you’re looking for a fast-acting, all-natural course of treatment, you should check out Reverse My Tinnitus to find out if it’s right for you.”

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