Hobanco Sets the Record Straight on Knife Laws

January 08 13:54 2018
Leading knife distributor Hobanco has set out to clarify the law around knife ownership across the country. Their exhaustive analysis has included several states, including Oregon, Colorado, Alabama and California.

Figuring out knife laws anywhere in the country is not as straightforward as just looking them up. Knife laws change from state to state and even from year to year. Those who wish to own or collect knives need to frequently refresh their knowledge of local laws and ordinances.

Some states are pushing toward creating clearer and simpler laws, but in the meantime, many state’s laws require some knife knowledge in order to understand. As a company knowledgeable in knives and knife laws, Hobanco is well-positioned to appraise different state ordinances and restrictions regarding knife ownership.

Many people don’t realize the dire consequences that can come from not knowing the knife laws in their area. Otherwise law-abiding citizens have been hassled and even arrested because they had a perfectly safe knife in their possession. Avoiding such encounters is a high priority for knife owners who don’t want to be inconvenienced by a minor misunderstanding.

Oregon is generally not very strict about owning a knife, but the state does have stern guidelines around carrying a knife. Many of these laws came from court rulings and not actual passed laws. Learn more here: https://hobanco.com/blogs/news/oregon-knife-laws

Colorado has taken measures in recent years to make their laws around knife ownership clearer and easier to understand. Still, Colorado knife owners should make sure their knowledge of the laws is up to date. Learn more here: https://hobanco.com/blogs/news/colorado-knife-laws

Alabama regulates bowie knives rather strictly, but is pretty hands off about all other types of knives. The state’s laws are also fairly straightforward. Most knife owners in Alabama should not have an issue. Learn more here: https://hobanco.com/blogs/news/alabama-knife-laws

California has some knives that are always illegal, some knives that can only be carried openly, and some knives that can be carried open or concealed. Learn more here: https://hobanco.com/blogs/news/california-knife-laws

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