Darry Ring Won The “Oscar” of Asian Brands, Selected as one of the Top Asian 500!

December 18 16:46 2017

On 9th September, the “Oscar” of Asian brands – the 12th Asian Brand Ceremony was held in beautiful Hong Kong! By virtue of the brand mission of “To make love a better experience”, and their excellent market performance, Darry Ring, a top brand amongst diamond engagement ring producers, was selected as one of the top 500 Asian brands, shining amongst all of the other world-class brands!

The company president of DR Engagement Ring, Wendy and the CEO Tony, stood out from hundreds of competing candidates from 18 countries across Asia, and both of them were awarded the “top 10 Asian brand leaders” award.


It was reported that the Asian Brand Ceremony is the “Oscar” equivalent for Asian brands. It has strong influence in the world and is an important celebration of Asian brand values and for the international image of Asian brands. It is a bridge to bring Asian brands to the rest of the world! The theme of this year’s Asian Brand Ceremony is to “create a digital age for brands”. Experts and representatives from 500 companies involved in the 100 world industries were invited to witness this glorious moment for Asian brands!

Romantic Proposal Brand DR Engagement Ring: To Make Love a Better Experience

Darry Ring, presented its devotion to true love and the belief that “with identification, a man can order only one ring in a lifetime”. This is believed to be because the concept of the brand is for “one life, one love” which is used to describe the most sincere emotional value in every diamond ring. It has been recognized and praised by global brand authorities and experts, and has become the top brand in the romantic diamond engagement ring industry!

This time DR Engagement Ring brand has been selected as one of the “Top 500 Asian Brands”, and the President and CEO have been awarded the “Top 10 Asian Brand Leaders” award! Once again, the brand that has been leading true love in the world has been given a high level of affirmation and strength to its brand!

Different from the other traditional jewelry brands and more distinguished from the later imitations in the custom jewelry field, Darry Ring was the founder of the concept that “with identification, a man can order only one ring in a lifetime” just for their true love in their world. It has been quietly carrying on its mission of spreading positive energy and leading young people to true marriage values! With the brand images of youth, fashion and entry-level luxury, it is a leader in the jewelry industry.

The President of DR Engagement Ring – one of the Top 10 Leaders of Asian Brands: The strong sense of responsibility and faith is the secret of the brand’s longevity

According to incomplete statistics, the Chinese jewelry market size in 2017 will be more than 600 billion and DR Engagement Ring with the concept of “one life, one love” as its brand philosophy in the jewelry industry entirely focusing on diamond engagement rings for the first brand, becomes the number one diamond engagement ring brand in the jewelry industry. With its unique sales model and true love culture, it has built an indestructible brand status.

The company president of DR Engagement Ring, Wendy and the CEO, Tony were awarded the “Top 10 Asian Brand Leaders” award! In the ceremony, DR Engagement Ring CEO, Tony shared the secret of the brand’s endurance – a strong sense of responsibility and true love!

The building of brand faith is the first core competence of DR Engagement Ring. Precise positioning is the second core competence of DR Engagement Ring. The unique custom modes are the third core competence of DR Engagement Ring.

A well-run enterprise should start with some kind of mission in mind and some form of social responsibility. The primary goal is not business interests. There is a business opportunity behind every social problem. The purpose of enterprises should be to help society to solve these problems.

From the moment DR Engagement Ring was founded, we insisted on the mission of “making love a better experience,” whether it is through products, disseminations or ideas, these are the cores of our services. This initial intention for Darry Ring also allowed it to grow rapidly. As a brand leader, you have to take charge! I hope that every entrepreneur can see the bigger picture, have the courage to innovate, to change the world and challenge themselves!

In the past, in 2015 and 2016, DR Engagement Ring has maintained rapid development speed, created a golden growth rule for the jewelry industry, and has been committed to providing customers with a lifetime of true love services.

Today, the experience stores of DR Engagement Ring in China have fully covered world class and upper tier cities, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, as well as other cities. At the same time, DR Engagement Ring has many loyal customers in France, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

True love, faith and a strong sense of responsibility made DR Engagement Ring a legendary brand. We are looking forward to the future with more true love stories can be witnessed by DR Engagement Ring, inherit the beauty of love and make its own mark on history!

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