MSP Launchpad Unveils Game-Changing Marketing Packages for MSPs

September 25 18:21 2023

MSP Launchpad, the trailblazers in MSP marketing and lead generation, have hit the ground running with their brand-new website and powerhouse marketing packages tailored for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Founded by Lodewijk ”Louis” Veldhuijzen, a former MSP regional sales and marketing manager with international acclaim, MSP Launchpad is making waves with their unique 97% turnkey solutions. 

In an industry often riddled with marketing challenges, MSPs find themselves battling on multiple fronts: the constant grind to secure new leads, the hustle to maintain an up-to-date digital presence, and the struggle to focus on core IT services. MSP Launchpad’s marketing packages are the silver bullet to these challenges. Designed to alleviate marketing woes while honing in on business growth, they take the sting out of these common pain points. Their all-in-one approach means MSPs no longer have to juggle disparate marketing strategies or worry about building a digital presence from scratch. Everything is taken care of, allowing MSPs to do what they do best: provide exceptional IT services.

MSP Launchpad’s MSP Growth Accelerator Program (MSP-GAP) is the revolutionary marketing solution that every 5 – 50 man MSP has been waiting for. They offer two irresistible packages: Premium and Elite. Both are designed to build a robust online reputation while generating qualified leads, consistently. 

When clients opt for one of these expertly curated packages, they unlock a suite of top-tier marketing services. This includes an ultra-professional website and a Google Business Profile that’s not just created but finely tuned for optimal visibility, together with full-on page and off-page SEO services. Branded materials such as brochures and socials are part of the package, along with a tracking analytics portal to measure each client’s success. 

The MSP-GAP even extends to email sequences and nurturing, text message follow-up and chatbots, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager

The MSP-GAP promises to de-load MSPs of their marketing burdens. No more headaches, no more confusion, and no more feeling stuck. “We deeply understand what your dream clients want – and focus 100% on that,” says the team. It’s an offer too good to miss for MSPs who aim to seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provided by a marketing agency that’s as focused and strategic as they are.

MSP Launchpad is changing the game in the MSP marketing landscape. For more information, visit their brand-new website today.

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