introduces auto-complete optimization to give businesses a competitive edge

June 08 00:19 2023

“Gain more customers by having Google and Bing recommend your business in autocomplete suggestions.” introduces businesses to the future of marketing with a new cutting-edge way to bring in a massive and steady influx of customers. As a leading innovator in the digital marketing landscape, aims to empower businesses to look beyond what they are used to and embrace autocomplete optimization, the new range in staying steps ahead of competitors.

To thrive in the digital space, businesses rely on search engines and online platforms to generate leads and convert potential customers. Until now, companies have had to rely on SEO strategies to boost their ranking and discovery by new clients. However, with every business depending on these strategies, staying ahead of the competition becomes challenging. Autocomplete optimization allows companies to skip over pay-per-click campaigns and competitors, taking them straight to owning the complete organic search results.

Autocomplete is not a new concept on search engines; as a matter of fact, Google shares that 73% of people use autocomplete since it has been found to lower typing time by 25%. Recognizing the immense potential of this, developed an advanced autocomplete optimization that allows businesses to attach their names to keyword predictions on Google and Bing – essentially SEO on steroids.

Since the autocomplete feature guides most people’s decision-making process when searching online, leverages this to give businesses an advantage over their competition. This unique approach is a game changer for businesses looking to expand their reach, boost their authority and dominate their competition. Marketing Myles, CEO of Dominate My Competition explains that businesses should reserve the top-searched keyword phrases in their industry in order to outmaneuver their competition through search box optimization. 

“Your company will appear in the auto-suggestions box on search engines, giving the impression that people are recommending you or that you have the most authority. This will increase the likelihood that customers will choose your company over others. And with Googe and Bing suggesting your business, why wouldn’t they?”

Besides making it easy for customers to spot businesses online, the autocomplete optimization program also allows exclusivity for reserved keywords on Once a keyword is sold to a business, they fully own it, and it cannot be sold to competitors, making it easy to build social proof and authority online.

“Autocomplete optimization puts your company name in front of every customer searching for your product or service. It ensures that your company appears at the top of the search results and takes the whole page, eliminating competition.”

Another huge advantage is that once a visitor clicks on the business link, they will be taken to the results page which will contain an entire page with links specifically for that business, including social media pages, YouTube videos and more. Which means they won’t even see any of the competitors!

“Below is a screenshot of a Plastic Surgeon and Personal Injury attorney.”

Thousands of businesses including many top big-box brands such as Walmart, Bestbuy, Dominos, Petsmart are rushing to reserve top searched keywords before their competitors do.

Marketing Myles says that this is the perfect time and opportunity for any local or even nationwide business to take advantage. Such as Lawyers, Medical Professionals, Auto, Home Improvement and practically every other industry.

Despite being a relatively new digital marketing technique, search box optimization redefines marketing for businesses across industries. By ensuring that customers see the company before ever seeing its competitors, leads the charge in marketing advancement through constant innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. harnesses the power of autocomplete optimization to empower businesses and position them for success in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Guided by a strong commitment to fostering strong and enduring partnerships with its clients, invites businesses to experience the power of autocomplete optimization and its potential to drive business success. 

As far as pricing, it is affordable and flexible for any business, allowing them to purchase one or hundreds of keywords based on their budget. And businesses don’t pay anything until their business is showing up in the auto-complete results. 

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