Elevating the LA Music Scene with Hardcore Goth, Metal, and Industrial Appeal – Morningstvr Stuns with ‘The New Salem’

June 03 13:09 2023
Elevating the LA Music Scene with Hardcore Goth, Metal, and Industrial Appeal - Morningstvr Stuns with ‘The New Salem’
An album which truly depicts his prowess as a solo blackened Witch House and Electronic prodigy, ‘The New Salem’ is a dive into the enigma of Morningstvr

Taking fans of Metal, Goth, and Hardcore music by surprise, Morningstvr’s newest record, ‘The New Salem’ is the artist at his very best. Creating his own lane in the music world, the seasoned singer-songwriter dropped his new record in 2022, enveloping listeners with an exhilarating, unique, and compelling musical experience.

‘The New Salem’ thrills, excites, and shocks audiences with its unabridged, unfiltered composition. Morningstvr’s most captivating work yet, the new album is both incredibly provocative and packed with powerful songwriting and chaotic rhythms.

From burning the ‘book of the Lord to burning His precious crucifix’, Morningstvr has crafted his own dynamic persona as an outrageously blackened witch house artist that will bring shock and thrill to the masses.

Marking Morningstvr’s passionate debut, ‘The New Salem’ showcased his hatred for the fascist Christian system and the herd mentality which he claims the religion has instilled into followers. Blended with his strong ties to the occult and his passion for the film ‘Nosferatu,’ the dark noir album brings you through pain, endurance, and protest while chilling you to the bone with a haunting sound unlike any other.

The album’s titular track ‘The New Salem’ presents a forbidding, direct protest to the corrupt catholic cult that has destroyed the lives of many. Opening listeners’ eyes to a real issue that Morningstvr fearlessly brings to light, the new album delivers an aggressive, bold punch, through highly emotive and moving singles. For instance, Morningstvr’s track, “Dreaming of the Damned” promises to inspire the listener to cling onto the very last strands of hope that remain within them.

Ushered through abysmal sounds that audiences will grow to crave, the artist’s eerie, horror-matic Halloween single ‘Thinning the Veil of Samhain’, pierces listeners to the core by an erupting sub bass that will make corpses roll in their grave. With a release date that coincided in time with Halloween of 2021, Mr. Morningstvr’s anthemic track has been haunting audiences’ speakers and paying homage to the ancient Celtic holiday.

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Morningstvr is a singer-songwriter whose brooding, eerie, and electric presence cannot be missed. Through chaotic, thrilling, and scintillating musical compositions, the artist has built a reputation as someone who promises to give listeners something unexpected. With plans to play shows for the remainder of 2023 and work on his next record, the artist is all set to release original tracks early in the year and plans for live performances across the country.

“I give the people something they can dance to. My biggest inspiration is Motionless In White and my true goal is to put the genre of Blackened Witch House on the map,” says the artist.


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