Choussi Fosso Simplice Helps Industries To Harness The Power Of A 360-Degree Digital Transformation

April 01 09:34 2023
Choussi Fosso Simplice, is an expert in the field of digital transformation, and a professional UX/UI engineer who has gained over 6 years of experience in the field. He has worked in various positions throughout his promising career, initially as a front end developer and later as an AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) developer, helping small, medium, and large companies to improve their business objectives and succeed in their digital transition

Choussi Fosso Simplice

California – March 30th, 2023 – Digital transformation is the complete replacement or mutation of existing manual processes with digital ones. There are several benefits to digital transformation. The benefits include optimizing logistics and customer processes, facilitating real-time communication, increasing agility, increasing customer satisfaction, facilitating robust data collection, providing unparalleled insight into customer and market expectations through data, facilitating mobility by eliminating geographical restrictions, and many more. 

However, Axis is an international agency focused on the digital transformation of companies and a leading player in technology, engineering, marketing, and consulting. Axis enables organizations to transform their activities for operational excellence to ensure their future together.

Fosso Simplice as the call the closest friends to participate as a professional UX/UI engineer at Axis, where he gained over five years of experience in the field. 

The technology being in perceptual evolution, he then updated his skills in Machine Learning, where he put his passion in Data Scientist to better process data and implement AI that understands and solves problems of everyday life, he also got 3 years of experience.

With his extensive knowledge and skills in digital transformation, he has accompanied companies in the USA, Africa, Europe, but also Asia, as a consultant, in their digital transition. Choussi Fosso Simplice started his venture in Cameroon but today makes available.

“I partner with some of the most innovative companies in the world. My passion leads me to create a methodology to offer solutions that combine creativity and technological innovation,” said Choussi Fosso Simplice.

By offering 360° support in engineering, technology, and consulting, I help ambitious companies conquer markets and develop complex products. In addition to AI engineering, software engineering, digitization, user experience, and hyper-automation, I drive innovation along the entire value chain.

About Choussi Fosso Simplice 

In conclusion, Choussi Fosso Simplice is a professional UX/UI engineer who works as an IT consultant. He has acquired more than 6 years experience in the field. He has worn many hats, including: Front End Developer, UX/UI Designer, AEM Developer, but also Machine Learning Developer. Benefiting from many collaborations with American, African, European and Asian companies, he is one of the people who put forward the quality of work, and so far it has worked well. He may be considered a beginner, but he continues to prove himself.

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