Tru Staffing Unveils Revolutionary In-House AI Recruitment Technology, Changing the Game in the Staffing Industry

April 01 06:36 2023
Tru Staffing Unveils Revolutionary In-House AI Recruitment Technology, Changing the Game in the Staffing Industry

Tru Staffing, a national staffing agency known for its innovative approach to recruitment, has invested in and developed its own in-house AI recruitment technology, eliminating the need for companies to use multiple staffing agencies to fill job orders. This new technology has the ability to recruit faster and more accurately than traditional recruitment methods, making Tru Staffing the go-to staffing agency for companies looking to fill job orders efficiently and effectively.

“Our software creates a Geo Fence around the client’s location to ensure the applicant is within a reasonable distance. From Tru Staffing, recruiters input data that is used to then run various ads on all platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and more,” said Rick Fernandez, founder and CEO of Tru Staffing. “The data that is input then creates a perfect candidate based on the client’s request, and the software gets to work on its own. Within a short time frame, the software goes after people it thinks would fit that position by placing eye-catching ads on the potential applicants’ social feeds. Once the applicants click the ad and submit information, Tru Staffing recruiters then continue with the onboarding process.”

Fernandez, a tech entrepreneur with over ten years of staffing experience, saw the need for a new approach to recruitment that would be more efficient and effective than traditional methods. He used his tech and marketing background to develop his own in-house recruitment software for his company Tru Staffing to not only have a competitive edge but to ensure that his employees would have an easy way to fill job orders for their clients.

“We invested and developed our own in-house recruitment software to allow us to recruit faster and more accurately,” said Fernandez. “We can find the best HR director, IT manager, forklift driver, and general labor applicant for your company using this technology. Companies no longer have to use so many staffing agencies to fill job orders. They can trust that Tru Staffing can handle it all by using this incredible recruitment software.”

Tru Staffing’s new AI recruitment technology is a game-changer for the staffing industry, and it has the potential to revolutionize the way companies find and hire new employees. By eliminating the need for multiple staffing agencies, Tru Staffing is changing the way companies staff their businesses.

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