New Gripping Mystery Novel “The Package” Set to Thrill Readers

April 01 05:33 2023
New Gripping Mystery Novel "The Package" Set to Thrill Readers
Author James Rozhon has released his latest suspenseful novel, “The Package,” which follows a Savannah-based reporter grappling with her husband’s mysterious suicide. Drawing from his extensive experience in the newspaper and mortgage credit industries, Rozhon has crafted a gripping tale that explores investigative journalism, personal relationships, and one woman’s quest for the truth.

Esteemed author and industry veteran James Rozhon is set to release his latest suspenseful page-turner, “The Package”, which promises to grip readers from start to finish. With a career spanning over twenty-five years in the newspaper business and an additional fourteen years in the mortgage credit business, Rozhon’s unique and insightful perspective is sure to captivate audiences.

“The Package” follows the story of Morghana Hamilton, a tenacious reporter for the local newspaper in the historic city of Savannah, Georgia. After her husband tragically commits suicide, Morghana is left to pick up the pieces and search for answers. Her quest for the truth takes her on a harrowing journey that forces her to confront the consequences of her husband’s actions.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in the newspaper industry, Rozhon has crafted a gripping tale that explores the complex world of investigative journalism, personal relationships, and the lengths one woman will go to uncover the truth.

Author James Rozhon has been writing for almost his entire life, and “The Package” is considered one of his crowning achievements. His unique background in both journalism and the mortgage credit industry has equipped him with the knowledge and skill to create authentic, relatable characters and a compelling, intricately woven narrative.

“The Package” is available now on Kindle and in paperback and hardcover on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this captivating mystery that showcases the best of James Rozhon’s storytelling.

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About the Book

Dive into the thrilling world of Morghana Hamilton in this heart-pounding debut novel. Unravel the dark secrets behind her husband’s shocking suicide, and witness Morghana’s relentless pursuit to right the wrongs that led him to such a tragic end. As she uncovers the chilling truth, Morghana’s friends and family are swept into a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal. Join her on this exhilarating journey where every twist and turn will leave you breathless, questioning everything you thought you knew about the ones she holds dear.

About the Author

James Rozhon, a seasoned storyteller with a lifetime of writing passion, brings his extraordinary experience to the table in his latest enthralling novel. Boasting an impressive 25-year career in the newspaper industry and 14 years in the mortgage credit business, Rozhon masterfully blends real-world insight with a gripping narrative in this stunning literary achievement. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the remarkable talents of an author who has truly honed his craft through a lifetime of dedication and hard work. Dive into the world of James Rozhon’s storytelling and prepare to be captivated like never before.

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