Cali Scolari, Daughter of Peter Scolari to Co-Star in Timothy Hines’ New Western Comedy “The Wilde Girls”

April 01 01:32 2023
Cali Scolari, Daughter of Peter Scolari to Co-Star in Timothy Hines' New Western Comedy "The Wilde Girls"
Cali Scolari, fresh from Stella Adler Studio of Acting and daughter of Peter Scolari and Cathy Trien, is to co-star as one of the two Wilde girl heiresses who face a harsh reality in Timothy Hines’ new Western comedy The Wilde Girls, going before the cameras in April.
Cali Scolari, recent graduate of Stella Adler Studio of Acting and daughter of the late Peter Scolari, will co-star in Timothy Hines’ new Western comedy The Wilde Girls, going before the cameras in April.

Above: Cali Scolari will be Mattie Wilde in The Wilde Girls, set in Washington State in the 1930s.

Cali Scolari will co-star in Timothy Hines’ new Western comedy movie set at the height of the Great Depression, The Wilde Girls, as heiress Mattie Wilde.

Above: Pampered heiresses Tinsley and Mattie Wilde (Lydia Pearl Pentz and Cali Scolari), have to face a shocking reality as they are stranded and thrust into basic survival in the untamed Depression-era forests of Washington State in The Wilde Girls.

Scolari plays one of two heiress sisters along side newcomer Lydia Pearl Pentz (Trapped), who’s fortune is stolen from them by comically conniving aunts, (Susan Goforth and Alyssa McKay), when they are banished to the wilderness of pre-electrified Washington State. The shock is extreme for them, as they are clueless socialites who are used to their every need and whim being met by others, when they discover the true nature of their primitive reality. Their troubles are heavily compounded when they are met by Mr. Button (Adam Gabel), a man sent to ‘take them to their new home’, but in reality he is a hitman sent to assure they will never return to High Society.

Through the girls’ absolute ineptitude they accidentally run Mr. Button over with his own Model-T car, then they find themselves facing the reality of survival in an untamed, desolate wilderness. They battle all nature of challenges including a bear attack, and have no chance to survive except when they meet up with a reclusive mountain man, (stand up comic and actor Teddy Smith), who wants nothing to do with them and would nearly rather leave them for dead.

The Wilde Girls, Tinsley and Mattie Wilde (Lydia Pearl Pentz and Cali Scolari), and the cantankerous mountain man, Silas Colter (Teddy Smith).

The movie is written and being helmed by Timothy Hines’ (Tomorrow’s Today, with Kelly Le Brock and Rocky alum Burt Young, and 10 Days in a Madhouse with Christopher Lambert and Kelly Le Brock).

“The movie is a humorous journey of growth in both life skills and wisdom,” say director Timothy Hines, adding, “The film’s theme is about learning to forgive and deal with others for their unkind or destructive acts in a your life, and learning to accept one’s own inner flaws and mistakes, mistakes that can trap a soul and hold a person in place. Everyone is struggling to navigate life and often, those needs come into conflict with others as our life’s journeys intersect. It’s all too easy to get caught up in who we see ourselves as, as the playing field changes and we need to be someone else, and evolve into our new, more wise selves.”

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Cali Scolari is a New York City native who grew up in a family of actors, notably her father Peter Scolari, (Bosom Buddies co-starring with Tom Hanks, The Newhart Show, Girls), who died of cancer in 2021, and her mother Cathy Trien, stage and screen actress, (Murphy Brown, Gossip Girl, Gotham, Honey I Shrunk the Kids: TV Show), who also died in 2021.

Above: Cali Scolari as a child with her brother and parents, stage and screen professionals Cathy Trien and Peter Scolari who first rose to fame opposite Tom Hanks in the TV series Bosom Buddies. Both her parents, sadly, passed away in 2021.

Ms. Scolari found her own personal love for acting very early in life. She attended the Professional Performing Arts School in NYC for Middle school and High school, and went on to graduate from the Stella Adler Professional Conservatory in 2021. Since then she has done numerous short films and student films, and now she is starring as Mattie Wilde in the comedy feature film The Wilde Girls from director Timothy Hines and producer Susan Goforth. She bounces back and forth from NYC and LA, while mainly based in NYC.

“I am so excited to work with Cali,” beams Timothy Hines, “She is a superbly trained actor with talent the size of a planet. She has channeled the character Mattie; timid, book-smart and brow-beaten by her needy, self-absorbed sister Tinsley. When I saw Cali Scolari and Lydia Pearl Pentz together it brought goosebumps. Their body language was the same and they responded the same way to moments, as sisters who grew up together would have done. But more so and most importantly, they have eerie chemistry together. They are Tinsley and Mattie Wilde, the heiresses who grew up in a world so wealthy that their kitchen was a forbidden place and dining with powerful people such as the King of England, was routine.”

Above: Cali Scolari has “Talent the size of a planet,” beams director Timothy Hines of his star who is to play Mattie Wilde in The Wilde Girls.

Producer Susan Goforth (Tomorrow’s Today, 10 Days in a Madhouse, War of the Worlds the True Story), agrees, “There was no question I wanted to work with Cali; her on-camera skills were point on. I knew the heiress Mattie should be played Cali Scolari. She left an instant and lasting impression and was very, very funny. And placed next to Lydia Pearl Pentz’s Tinsley Wilde, they were hysterically oil and water. The right kind of oil and water that great comedy duos have had throughout movie history. It’s lightning in a bottle chemistry.”

Above: Lydia Pearl Pentz is playing self-centered Tinsley Wilde alongside Cali Scolari playing Mattie Wilde; the heiresses abandoned in the wilderness in The Wilde Girls.

Producer Dominick Martini adds, “Timothy was sending me various tapes of the principal cast through the whole casting process and when I say both Lydia Pearl Pentz and Cali Scolari I knew we had our Wilde Girls. They are going to make a gigantic splash when the film is released.”

Along with a world-known star talent that will be announced shortly before filming begins, the cast includes actress Alyssa McKay as Florence Wilde, who is a top trending social media celebrity with 2.5 Billion (yes, with a B) monthly views on Snapchat alone, 10.2 million TikTok followers, 1.1Million YouTube subscribers, and who’s podcast The Royals of Malibu is #1 on AppleTV and Spotify has an audience of over 50 million with 4.6 billion comments.

Above: Actress Alyssa McKay, who will play Florence Wilde in The Wilde Girls, is a top trending TikTok celebrity with 2.5 Billion (yes, with a B) monthly views on Snapchat alone.

Also in the cast is hysterically funny standup comic-turned-actor, Teddy Smith (Tomorrow’s Today), Susan Goforth as the manipulative, acerbic Beatrice Wilde (War of the Worlds The True Story, 10 Days in a Madhouse), Tomorrow’s Today stars Joanne Scorcia and Annunziato Carbone as Bonnie-and-Clyde-style killers, Ellie Lehman as the special, brilliant dancer Kitty, Heidi Kravitz as the small-town cinema owner Mrs. Handley who missed her calling to be in Hollywood, along with a lively cast of standup comics and seasoned screen actors.

Above: Annunziato Carbone and Joanne Scorcia play a Bonnie and Clyde type pair of fraternal twin killers in The Wilde Girls.

The Wilde Girls is written by and will be directed by Timothy Hines, produced by Susan Goforth for Pendragon Pictures, with Dominick Martini and Donovan Le on as co-producers. The Wilde Girls is set to release in December 2023.

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