New Album “Don’t Forget to Love” aka (xforget2love) by Dan Burnett – Now Available

February 02 15:09 2023

YORKSHIRE, UK – The musical artist, singer and songwriter, Dan Burnett is excited to announce the release of his newest album, “Don’t Forget to Love”. This collection of 10 tracks showcases Burnett’s soulful vocals and heartfelt musicality and the combination of original works and covers is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages. 
“Don’t Forget to Love,” is a testament to Dan’s incredible talent and his ability to connect with his audience. The album features a collection of powerful and moving songs that explore themes of love, loss, and hope, and showcases Dan’s ability to craft songs that are both relatable and timeless. 
The lead single, “Don’t Forget To Love,” co-written with Antony Finn, is a catchy, brilliantly produced love song that could be reimagined as a theme tune for life, a movie or poignant advertising campaign. The album also contains a recording of ‘One Love’ a song by Michael Jay and Robbie Nevil which has never been released until now. 
Dan’s fans have been eagerly awaiting the new album, which promises to be a standout addition to Dan’s already impressive body of work and a testament to his incredible musical prowess. Recorded and produced in Harrogate, “Don’t Forget to Love” features a mix of tracks and intimate ballads that showcase Burnett’s growth as a successful artist.
“I’m so excited for fans to hear this album,” Burnett said. “It’s been a labour of love for the past two years, during the global Covid lockdown. When gigs stopped, it could have been easy to just give up, but I got my head down in the studio and this is the result and I can’t wait for everyone to join me on this journey. The message of the album is one of love and connection, something we all need right now.”
“Working with such an immense talent to produce this album has been a journey of enlightenment.” Antony Finn said. “Dan does not suffer fools easily, he exacts excellence, is a music fanatic (in a good way) and knows how to make music extremely well. Everything you hear, every instrument, vocal, harmony and nuance are all Dan.” 
“Don’t Forget to Love” is available now on Spotify 
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