Dr Prashant Jindal’s One Minute Super Dad celebrates 10 years, free on kindle this week. All past royalties went to Orphanage

August 15 18:40 2022

Dr Prashant Jindals, Amazon No.1 best seller, One Minute Super Dad, celebrates 10 years of launch and has changed millions of lives around the globe. It has been an Amazon no.1 Best seller and published by the top publisher, Harper Collins in many countries.

Dr Prashant Jindal has donated the entire royalties of the book to an Orphanage.

Dr Prashant Jindal makes sense of that in the initial twelve years of life, the propensities, convictions and attitude of our kids are being shaped! The book instructs giving the present and future sealing from various difficulties that children face these days as they develop.

The book gives straightforward devices and things that can be said or done in one moment daily, which whenever done reliably firmly bonds the children and causes them to feel extremely sure. Kids can be enlivened and their way of behaving, mentality and propensities shaped, will serve them a lifetime.

Move your children to an unheard of level, absence of time done being a variable. This Best Seller is a result of five years of energetic work, research, interviews and genuine encounters to assist with busying fathers. Composed by a Medical Doctor, with commitments from Three New York Times Best Selling Authors:

Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) Sharon Lechter (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

Raymond Aaron (Chicken Soup for Parents Soul);

Alongside various top nurturing, brain research, youngsters and relationship specialists and superstars, this is a 100-ish page, notable book which busies fathers utilize the not very many minutes they have with their children to drop down precision and viability. Partaking in their present, fathers can rouse kids in each circle of their lives by utilizing these straightforward arranged apparatuses. It is an unquestionable necessity in the event that your children are under 12 years of age.






Handful of the numerous reviews from Renowned Experts & Global Leaders:

“If every parent can read this book, the world will be a different place.” James Michael Lafferty: Former CEO of Coca Cola and also Proctor & Gamble.

Follow the advice in this book, and your kids will remember the special moments with their superhero dad for the rest of their lives.” Stephanie Hale, Author of Millionaire Women, Millionaire You. 

“The book will help parents understand that some things need to be taught from childhood.” Sharon Lechter, Co-Author of New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad and former member of President George Bush’s counsel on financial literacy abut Dr Prashant Jindal’s book.

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