Dryfta launches an all-new cloud-based event management platform for universities

August 15 20:55 2022

Dryfta, a cloud-based all in one event management platform for universities that offers a whole suite of features to organize events, is proud to announce the launch of Dryfta 2.0. The new version is packed with exciting new features and improvements, including an all-new event registration system, event schedule builder, abstract submission & review platform and more. With Dryfta you can have full visibility over all aspects of your event: from planning it in advance through managing registrations on site or online after the event has taken place.

The team at Dryfta have been working hard over the past year to make sure they’re offering you everything you need to manage your events and have added several new features to make the process even easier.

The platform was launched in early November 2016 and is now available in more than 50 universities across the globe including Johns Hopkins University, Delft University and UPenn.

“I really hope that our new platform helps in reducing the workload of academic event organizers, no matter how big or small the organization is,” said Irshad Reyaz, the senior product manager and one of the co-founders of the company. “Dryfta offers an easy and intuitive interface, while still maintaining a high level of customization and personalization.”

Dryfta is launching features that will help organizers manage the flow of the event, communicate with attendees and collect information about participants. The new platform also offers a dashboard where organizers can have access to all the events they are managing and see the status of each one.

The abstract management system allows for authors to submit abstracts and for reviewers to review them

Dryfta is a cloud-based abstract management system that allows authors to submit abstracts and for reviewers to review them. The system provides a variety of features, such as anonymous peer review, integrated statistics, and data export capabilities. Dryfta also makes it easy for authors to track their submissions, accept/reject reviews, collaborate on abstracts with other members of their lab or department, gather comments from colleagues, and more.

The event schedule builder lets you create a day-wise, track-wise layout for your conference

Dryfta gives you the option of creating your schedule in a day-wise, track-wise or mixed format. You can set up a schedule for different days and tracks. If you are organizing an event with multiple tracks, then Dryfta allows you to create separate schedules for each one of them.

“Dryfta also has an analytics feature that gives information about the number of attendees in different sessions and tracks during the conference day,” Irshad continues. “This helps organizers plan their events better by knowing how many people are attending which sessions on which day.”

Through Dryfta’s email marketing tool you can send notifications, tickets, receipts and other emails to your registrants

Dryfta’s email marketing tool is a must-have for event managers. With it, you can send notifications, tickets, receipts and other emails to your registrants, speakers, volunteers etc. You can also automate these messages based on the status of their registration or even based on the time of day so that you can remind them about an upcoming event or provide them with information about another event they might find interesting.

Email marketing is important because it helps keep people engaged with your events after they’ve registered and will help drive more attendees next time around!

Host virtual online meetings, record videos & monetize with on-demand videos

The virtual event toolkit from Dryfta can be used to host virtual online meetings and record videos. You can also monetize these videos with on-demand viewing, which means you can directly sell the videos to your audience.

How you choose to use your videos is up to you, but here are some ideas:

–  Increase engagement with students by hosting a “geek out” session in which students talk about their favorite topics in front of a camera (with permission from the instructor). Then get feedback from viewers who want more information about those topics.
–  Host an open Q&A session with instructors where they answer questions that were submitted before the event began.
–  Record events such as seminars, conferences or workshops so they can be watched later without having gone through all the work needed beforehand.

Dryfta is an all in one event management platform that offers your university the ability to manage all of its community events, including conferences, hackathons, and meetups. Dryfta allows you to easily create customized landing pages for each event and then share them on social media or via email. With the Dryfta platform you can track attendees, plan budgets and organize sponsorships as well as keep track of important deadlines and schedules.

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