Product Filter and Search by Boost Commerce Yielding 2x Increase in Conversion For Global Shopify Businesses

August 15 20:42 2022

Designed for conversion optimization, Product Filter and Search by Boost makes any Shopify store’s product filter and discoverability a cinch for online shoppers. This #1 Shopify filter and search app has been leveraging conversion and revenues for over 13,0000 Shopify stores worldwide, with more than 3000 Shopify Plus (enterprise-level) businesses since 2017.

Why are site search and product filters a crucial factor of an online store?

Both site search and product filters have a big influence on website visitors’ purchase decisions. According to research, on-site searchers are 216% more likely to convert than regular users. The reason is that site searchers are objective focused with certain purchase intent. Also, most of the time, online shoppers are interested in category-specific filters to browse through which are not adequately equipped on 42% of major eCommerce sites. 

By paying attention to site search and filters, Shopify store owners can gain valuable insight into online shoppers’ behaviors and use this information to increase conversions as well as improve customer retention.

What 13,000+ global brands like Sony, Ford, and GAP gain from a powerful Product Filter and Search app?

Product Filter and Search by Boost makes it easy for Shopify store owners to provide online shoppers with top-tier product filtering and discoverability experience. With this Shopify filter & search app, Shopify businesses – regardless of size – can:

–  Help store visitors swiftly find their desired products via an easy-to-make Shopify collection filter with product options, variants, tags, metafields, etc.
–  Keep store visitors in purchase mode via a robust search bar with powerful features: instant suggestions, spellcheck, typo-tolerance, and catalog redirect.
–  Engage visitors to spend more with store-wide smart product display through filter page, search bar, and search results page.
–  Boost sales by strategic product presentation and leveraging promotional campaigns through built-in product ranking and rule-based merchandising.   
–  Deliver painless product search journey for on-site customers even when there are thousands of items thanks to the app’s blazing fast performance and high-level security provided by using premium AWS infrastructure.
–  Keep track of site-wide Shopify filter, Shopify search performance via an insightful and exportable 12-month Analytics report built inside the app’s dashboard.

Product Filter and Search by Boost are helping brands around the world turn searches into purchases

Product Filter and Search by Boost app equips Shopify businesses at all levels with limitless possibilities in creating the most converting product filters and search solutions. This app comes with a full package for product discovery from site search to filtering to offer online shoppers a personalized shopping journey. 

Such a customer-tailored shopping experience powered by a robust filter and search solution is the key difference that sets this app apart as well as enables online businesses to thrive in sales. Product Filter and Search by Boost helped Mobexpert achieve €6,400,000 in sales within 6 months. It also brought the search experience on Orka’s website to the next level which resulted in approximately 9% of Orka’s total revenue. 

“As great as Shopify is, its default search and filter functionality is really lacking”, said Mark Laurie, Brand Director at Esports Gear. “We needed something that could compete with big-box retailers’ search & filter functionality and was able to grow with us”, he shared. “Since installing the Boost app, we have seen, on average, a very impressive 29% increase in conversion compared to Shopify’s default functionality. This speaks for itself.”


About Product Filter and Search by Boost Commerce

Trusted and loved by more than 13,000 Shopify businesses of all sizes worldwide, Product Filter and Search by Boost was constructed with one single mission: to provide bespoke product discoverability journeys that drive sales. Not only known for its highly-converting Shopify filter and search solutions, but Boost Commerce also brings winning customer service to the table, backed by thousands of endorsements and reviews from business owners and entrepreneurs.

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