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January 17 10:47 2022 is excited to announce the release of the first ever, fully functional gold and silver price comparison website. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, physical gold and silver has seen thousands and thousands of new investors buying gold and silver at historic rates.

“The precious metals industry has seen incredible growth over the last 24 months,” explains Sly Stevens, owner of Gold Silver Insider. “There is a lot of misinformation out there as well as a lot of gold and silver dealers looking for the next sucker. We wanted to do our part to provide a transparent price comparison website for new buyers to find the lowest prices possible.”

The reality is that each online bullion dealers sells the exact same product as the next online bullion dealer. Gold Silver Insider allows would be gold and silver investors the ability to see which dealer offers the best price on the product they are interested in.

The other important note is which dealers they do and do not allow on their platform.

“We have more than two decades of experiences in the gold and silver industry. We know all the legitimate online bullion dealers and we know all the dealers that we don’t trust. For this reason, we carefully hand select which dealers we allow on our website because we know it’s very likely one of our users will be buying from a dealer we suggest,” says Stevens.

The price comparison between major dealers can sometimes be very significant. For example, when their all silver eagle coin price page was recently reviewed, there was a $4.00 per ounce difference between the lowest price dealer and the highest price dealer. If the user then extrapolates that out, a buyer of US Mint Silver Eagle Monster Boxes could save $2,000 between the two dealers.

Currently the website compares 80 of the top gold and silver bullion products from the 16 top online bullion dealers. The website has plans to continue its expansion of production comparison offerings.

About offers gold and silver investors the best user experience to find the lowest prices on the most popular gold and silver bullion products from the most popular online gold and silver dealers. The first of its kind, can be viewed easily from mobile, desktop or tablet device. Check popular bullion products like Silver Eagle Coin prices today at

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