Edsun Offers Outstanding Educational Technologies

January 17 09:57 2022

Edsun offers the best educational tech solutions in the USA. They focus on fixing various complex problems in education. The company was founded by Jake Van Niekerk, a professional whose life and love have always been education. The founder studied computers and mathematics at the university. Through its exceptional services, the company can accomplish difficult educational projects involving big data interoperability that is not exclusive of any system to bring efficient integration to improve the performance of schools and students’ outcomes.

Speaking about Ed-Fi, the company spokesperson said, “Ed-Fi is generally a set of technologies that aims to empower various school leaders to create a solid foundation for various educational institutions. It overcomes the issue of data silos and combines numerous educational data systems. Ed-Fi normally utilizes the Ed-Fi standards comprising of a group of rules to establish unified structures for k-12 educational data. It is funded by Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. For more information about Ed-Fi technology, clients can visit our website.”

Looking for Edfi Google classroom API? Edsun is a company that managed to integrate Google classroom with Ed-Fi. They accepted the challenge of carrying out the integration because they saw the potential in it. Through the integration, schools can access more accurate information, thus, improving the level of intelligence they can access and demonstrate. The company takes immense pride in completing these challenging projects and developing a very streamlined solution. With them, one can easily go live with Google classroom. The company provides online video tutorials that help people learn how to use the Ed-Fi Google integrated platform.

Speaking about the components of Ed-Fi standards, the company spokesperson said, “The Ed-Fi standard typically focuses on K-12 information. It incorporates learners’ data to determine how they are performing academically. The standards typically cover useful roster information, directly related information, and many more. Directly related information includes student names, transcript data, assessment scores, and many more. On the other hand, useful roster information includes contact information, student IDs, and parent/guardian information.”

Edsun offers the best tech solutions in the USA. They have integrated BigLMS with Google classroom and Ed-Fi. This enhances the user’s experience and creates things such as assignment recording, super forms, and the normal assignments one would expect from an LMS. The company aims to improve education to the greater benefit of various individuals. It is owned by a single individual. That is why they also do philanthropy work and give back to the community. Those inquiring about Edfi LMS can consider contacting the company.

About Edsun

Edsun offers unique educational technologies. They usually serve state-level schools, district-level schools, teachers, parents, and students. The company specializes in Ed-Fi modules, Google classroom, BigLMS, Educational improvement, and many more. They have developed a mobile app that makes it easy for clients to access their services. With the app, clients can access a particular set of information from the comfort of their homes or offices.

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