The Alexandrite: The Only Precious Stone Associated with Royalty Prides itself for Providing GIA Certified Natural Alexandrite since 2006

July 29 02:52 2021
The Alexandrite: The Only Precious Stone Associated with Royalty Prides itself for Providing GIA Certified Natural Alexandrite since 2006

New York City, NY, USA – July 28, 2021 – The Alexandrite has proudly announced that it is taking the very concept of high-end jewelry made with certified natural gemstones to a whole new level. The New York-based brand has been creating a major buzz around the world for its rich and sophisticated collections of natural gemstone jewelry. Moreover, jewelry collections made by the brand have been making headlines worldwide and The Alexandrite has been featured three times in the universally acknowledged British Fashion Magazine, Vogue. The Alexandrite is blessed with an experienced team consisting of some of the most seasoned goldsmiths and experts of creating masterpieces of the jewelry art poetry worthy of a Queen.

“For those who don’t know its history, Alexandrite is a magnificent gem named after the legendary Tzar Alexander, and it is the only stone in the world that is purely associated with the Royalty.” Said the spokesperson of The Alexandrite, while talking about the history and namesake of Alexandrite. “Alexandrite was the most prized gem amongst Aristocracy in Europe and Russia, and we are simply continuing its legacy in the 21st-century world of style and fashion.” She added. According to the spokesperson, Alexandrite is thousands of times rarer than diamonds, making it one of the most desired gemstones in history.

In addition to Vogue, The Alexandrite has also been featured in the number one British Luxury Real Estate Magazine called Abode 2. Just like Vogue, which is number one in the world of fashion and style, Abode 2 leads the media outlets publishing in the luxury real estate industry. Both Vogue and Abode 2 have praised the American high-end jewelry brand for its exceptional design and superb craftsmanship, and they have associated it with royalty in many ways. The most remarkable feature of this royal gemstone is that it exhibits a phenomenon called color change, which means that the color of the alexandrite changes depending on the light source it is exposed to.

From being a perfect choice for an engagement ring to being a priceless anniversary gift, this color-changing and naturally occurring gemstone is always the right choice for the buyer. The Alexandrite takes great pride in offering only the very best quality naturally occurring Alexandrite and uses absolutely no artificial gemstones. This is exactly why the company offers a GIA Certification upon each purchase of the gemstone. This certificate guarantees that the gemstones are natural alexandrite, and The Alexandrite prides itself on providing only the GIA Certified Alexandrite since 2006.

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