A Home Generator Provides Many Benefits All Year Long

May 07 06:39 2021
A Home Generator Provides Many Benefits All Year Long

Since there are so many storms that roll through the U.S. each year, many people are considering the installation of a whole-house generator to help if the power goes out. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and torrential summer rains are all known for knocking out power – in some cases for several days – or more. As a result, having a source of backup power installed by professional service providers like Air & Energy is a smart move. Keep reading to learn more about this option.

Ensure Security and Safety

One of the biggest benefits offered by a whole house generator, like the options provided by https://www.airandenergy.biz/, is that this generator will not leak potentially toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide in the home, which portable generators are known for. The whole house generator is designed to emit fewer fumes than portable generators, which is healthier for the environment, and everyone who lives in the house. Also, the mechanisms of a whole house standby generator are safer and easier compared to portable options.

Increased Efficiency

Another benefit offered by whole house generators is that they can work for several hours without any break or pause. One of the things that must be taken care of for continuous work is that an adequate supply of gas is needed. Also, this style of the generator is going to be wired into the home’s electrical system. This means once a professional service like https://www.airandenergy.biz/contact-us installs the whole house generator, it will work seamlessly and kick on when the power goes out. Also, these generators can be tailored to turn on certain electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and more.

They Work Automatically

Whole house generators can be designed to start automatically after just a few seconds of the power being cut. Also, a homeowner does not have to worry about how the power is going to come back on, as the generator will restore the power to the home without any outside input. Another quality of a standby generator is that it offers more, and a higher amount of power compared to portable generators.

More Convenience 

A whole house generator is much more convenient to start compared to portable generators. With portable generators, the operator must turn on the gas line, add gas, and pull the cord to get it to come on. This means a portable generator demands a lot of power and energy. However, with standby generators, all a person has to do is to turn the power switch of the generator on, and in a few seconds, all power to the house will be restored.


Standby generators represent a significant initial investment. However, they keep homeowners free from having to worry about issues if a power outage occurs.

It is a good idea to talk to an electrician about the benefits offered by a whole-house generator to see why this is such a smart investment. Being informed and knowing what is offered is the best way to ensure that power issues are no longer a problem.

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