The Dream of Living in a Perfect Home Has Come True with the Commodore’s New Luxurious Units

May 07 04:00 2021
Located at the Canberra Drive district 27, the commodore condos provide splendid one to five-bedroom units catering to the needs of residents and investors.

Singapore – Having a place to call home is one of the greatest blessings one can ask for. But, is it enough to have a home that serves as a mere place to lives and spend the rest of life? Well, a home in its true sense entails more than that. The true essence of a home lies in providing calm and comfort while being surrounded by a great neighborhood. But usually, in metropolitan cities of Singapore, this essence gets lost in the hustle and bustle of busy lives. The Commodore, located in the peaceful and serene Canberra Drive District 27, has established as a new low rise private residential development, perfect to serve as a home.

The new Canberra Drive condos plan to provide splendid residential apartments ranging from one to five bedrooms. Be it for a personal residence, family residence or the sole purpose of investment, The Commodore Condo caters to the needs of all. What is more amazing about the Commodore Condo is the well-integrated lifestyle that it offers to the residents. The condos are surrounded by many schools, community centers, supermarkets as well shopping malls. Hence, the inhabitants will get access to a locality catering to all their needs and comforts. The Sembawang Shopping Centre, being at a walking distance of a few minutes, means that residents can stroll easily to get some fresh air, carry out their endeavors and grab food from their favorite eateries located nearby. 

With all the perks and facilities, the commodore also strives to provide the most affordable prices to its potential residents. Its payment scheme is designed to meet the needs of people as per their type of condo and the number of rooms they choose. Hence, The Commodore Price varies from condo to condo with some great discounts for a limited time. It is recommended to make a call or register an appointment before visiting The Commodore Showflat to avoid any inconvenience. Once the registration is done, the Commodore team will stay in the touch with the prospect and facilitate the entire process, ensuring a smooth process to making a dream home. It is not wrong to say that Commodore Showflat offers an ideal opportunity to the prospective residents to make their dream home and live a life they imagined for themselves. With proximity to many good educational institutions (including primary and secondary schools), there is no need for families to worry about sending their kids away to study and hassle for their daily commute. Additionally, the serene nature and public parks near the Commodore provide an added benefit for a thriving family lifestyle, allowing both children and parents to spend quality time.

About the Company: 

The Commodore is a new low rise private residential development to provide luxurious residential homes to people. With a land area of 143, 324 square feet, the condos would range from one to five bedrooms to cater to the needs of residents and investors. The Commodore also provides facilities to its residents that include parks, schools shopping centers and malls. 

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