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June 04 06:13 2020

Cedar City, UT – June 3, 2020 – Phaze Concrete, a leading construction company in the United States, explains how you can get started with a concrete construction career.

The construction industry is in dire need of skilled concrete workers as there is a shortage of young adults entering trade fields. Apprentices can make a decent living wage even with no experience. Phaze Concrete experts note that experience and skill-building can quickly result in higher pay and opportunities to earn leadership roles.

People who pursue a career working with concrete may have a specific role, or they may have many different skill sets. Phaze Concrete experts explain that concrete professionals often interpret plans, weigh and mix materials, text mixes, prepare formwork, and operate heavy machinery. Some roles are more complex than others and require concrete workers to become specialized in their trade. Phaze Concrete explains that those tasks could include cutting concrete, installing concrete items, or spraying concrete on walls and swimming pools.

Before entering the field, it’s essential to understand the typical working conditions of a concrete specialist. Phaze Concrete explains that workers can usually work regular business hours. However, depending on the project and timeline, it may be necessary to work early mornings, evenings, or weekends.

According to Phaze Concrete, construction workers must be comfortable with working outside in a variety of weather conditions. Sites are usually dusty and noisy. However, proper gear is available to minimize those annoyances. Construction sites vary greatly and can range from buildings to roads to bridges, and more. Phaze Concrete notes that workers should also be comfortable with travel.

If challenging and engaging concrete work is something that interests you, start building your knowledge in the industry. Phaze Concrete recommends researching concrete types and different ways to use them. Become familiar with concrete-setting times and the machines that are involved in concrete construction.

Next, Phaze Concrete suggests looking for an apprenticeship to learn the necessary skills of the trade. It is also recommended that you earn a National Certificate in precast concrete, concrete product manufacturing, or concrete construction. Although it’s not necessary to have a certificate to begin your career, it may help you land a job faster.

As with many trade fields, there are no specific secondary education requirements to become a professional. Workers can begin much faster than it would take to complete a college degree. Phaze Concrete experts note that math, English, and physical health are commonly used on the job, which means a high-school degree would be beneficial.

Phaze Concrete believes that anyone can become a skilled concrete specialist. However, some personal traits are preferred in the field. Concrete workers should be careful and precise, as the job can be dangerous and impact the lives of others who will be using the finished product. According to Phaze Concrete, workers should also be responsible, reliable, and hard-working.

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