Now On Kickstarter, The Second EP By Singer-Songwriter, Eleri Ward

June 04 00:20 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, EP #2 by Eleri Ward follows the inspiring and fulfilling debut of her first EP, Prism, in May 2020.

Eleri Ward is a singer and songwriter from New York, New York. Fresh off the release of her debut EP, Prism, in May 2020, Eleri is excited to launch a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for her next big project, a five-song EP to be recorded later this year. Each song will be elevated from the work she has put out before.

Following the release of Prism, Eleri was moved by the support she received from listeners all over the world and inspired to keep creating. She has used her time in quarantine to produce this five-song EP, working, writing, practicing, and listening to things over and over again to make them the best they can be. Pouring her talent and creativity into this project, Eleri has been fully fleshing out ideas and lyrics for each song.

Combining R&B, jazz, and singer-songwriter flavors over a pop base, Eleri’s music has impressed listeners around the world. She is excited to share her new music with fans later this year and to make this project happen with the support of backers around the world.

For a limited time, support Eleri’s next EP on Kickstarter here. Contributions will go directly to production efforts, including the cost of working with Eleri’s production team, which includes producer and sound engineer Allen Tate, mix and mastering engineer Tyler McDiarmid, and drum programmer and bassist Sean McVerry. All donations are appreciated, and none are too small or unappreciated.

Pledge just $10 to support the project, or $20 or more for other exclusive rewards that include behind the scenes clips, live performances, and early access to the EP. Some rewards are limited, so act fast! Eleri’s next EP is expected to debut in winter 2020.


Eleri Ward is a singer and songwriter from New York, New York. Writing her first song on the piano at the age of five, she has not stopped since. Learning the guitar over the years, Eleri has cultivated a personal sound that combines R&B, jazz, and singer-songwriter flavors over a pop base. Professionally studying at Berklee College of Music, she continued songwriting studies after transferring to The Boston Conservatory as part of the Songwriting Emphasis and released her debut EP, Prism, in May 2020. Her work is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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