Belly Sleep is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Nutrition Stores Nationwide.

December 03 18:20 2019
Belly Sleep is utilizing Mr. Checkout\'s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Nutrition Stores Nationwide.

The wrong pillow can have a lasting, negative effect on your body.
The Belly Sleep Bed Pillow is a Thin and Flat Gel Memory Foam pillow made with stomach sleepers in mind. At approximately 2.5, this pillow helps keep your neck and back in a neutral position. No more putting strain on your muscles with a pillow that is too thick.

You’ll Soon Find Your Favorite Belly Sleep Products on Retail Shelves

The company has many products in development and is looking forward to hearing from their customers who love their stomach sleeper products.

Belly Sleep recently announced they will soon be releasing their new “Mini” pillow on the market to complement their flagship “Belly Sleeper Pillow”. Requests for information have already begun pouring in. According to sleep experts, around 16% of the population are belly sleepers. Because most people sleep on their backs or sides, there has not been a lot of research into creating a pillow that offers the right level of comfort for those who prefer to stomach sleep. Tyler Moyer, the founder of the company, recently spoke on the development of their pillow.

“We worked a long time on perfecting every detail of our original stomach sleeper pillow. In all honesty, our company was formed because all of us were tired of not being able to sleep comfortably in our favorite position. Our Belly Sleeper Pillow is just the right thickness and offers the perfect level of support, with tapered edges for added comfort. It has been scientifically designed to help stomach sleepers get a better night’s sleep and we are thrilled with the feedback from our customers.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, sleeping on their stomachs can help people reduce snoring and improve some aspects of mild sleep apnea. Unfortunately, it can also place some degree of pressure on the spine, due to a lack of support. With Belly Sleep now catering more to stomach sleepers, greater research is being carried out to determine the best products to help support the spine and ensure sleepers do not wake up with needless aches and pains.

“Our pillow is ergonomically designed for stomach sleepers, but also happens to be great for back sleepers. The thin design helps to fully support the spine and ensures the highest level of comfort. Our Belly Sleeper Pillow is our flagship product, but we are pleased to announce we will soon be releasing a smaller size so those who love our stomach pillow can take it on the road when they travel. There is much going on in our product development department, and we will soon be releasing further details as they become available,” says Tyler Moyer.

It will be interesting to see the new pillow and other products that are being developed by the company, but for now, consumers can be on the lookout, as Belly Sleep products will soon expand from their online presence to various retail stores. As research continues, it is hoped stomach sleepers will finally have access to sleep products that offer the right level of support and comfort so they can sleep in the position that feels most natural for them.

About Belly Sleep:

Belly Sleep was formed to fix a problem for those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs but could not find the right products to keep them comfortable. Traditional sleeping pillows just do not offer the level of comfort that is desired for those who sleep on their stomachs or worse yet can actually do harm. The company began working tirelessly to develop the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers and the Belly Sleeper Pillow was born. Make Your Bed a Better Place.

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