The Green Olive Firewood Educates Consumers About Natural Heat Sources Through Social Media

April 01 19:53 2019
The Green Olive Firewood Educates Consumers About Natural Heat Sources Through Social Media

West Sussex – How a home or cooking surface is heated is not something much thought gets put into. But one company is hoping to change that – The Green Olive Firewood Co makes sure their social media followers are educated on what the best and safest methods are when it comes to burning natural products, like the logs for sale on their website.

Brands use social media to reach homeowners in a simple, laid back yet informative way. The Green Olive Firewood Co uses these resources, including Facebook (, to their benefit by providing consistent guidance through posts about the advantages of using natural heating sources over gas.

Using propane and gas heat may be an easy and convenient way to cook or heat a home, but there are better environmentally friendly options out there for anyone to use. These resources travel back in time in a sense to the era when wood and coal were all people had.

Transitioning from a modern to a more traditional way of heating or cooking can require research and time, two things that aren’t always readily available. On sites such as, The Green Olive Firewood Co consistently posts facts, product information, and benefits to ensure that their customers understand what they do, the products they sell and what makes them different.

As energy bills seem to increase every year, the switch to wood as a primary heat source can be cheaper by knowing the right products to use. The Green Olive Firewood Co has come to realise these rises in rates and harm done to the environment may go unnoticed without this information on social media and platforms like their YouTube channel,

The green Olive Firewood Co’s most popular firewood is olive wood, as it burns for longer and leaves behind fewer greenhouse gasses. Another product they sell is smokeless coal, which is used for open flames and smoke-controlled zones and is optimal for long-lasting fires or stoves. Lumpwood Charcoal used for cooking is optimal for high heat and a longer burn. The firewood logs for sale on the company’s website are a green, renewable source of energy making them better for the environment when used by customers.

All of the above and more can be learned from a quick scroll through The Green Olive Firewood Co’s social media sites. By posting informative and to-the-point updates, they are eliminating wasted time and relaying this important information to the world on platforms millions of people use every day.

For more information contact The Green Olive Firewood Co on: [email protected]

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