WIMI AR Hologram and Megvii Plan to Construct AI Micro-Plastic Surgery Industry Chain

March 14 07:47 2019

Ten years ago, the computer software “MeituPic” was developed and initiated the technological trend of “two-hour beautifying the photo taken in a flash” in the field of beautification. Later, the system of smart phone was equipped with photo beautifying. Chinese mobile phone users’ rigid demand for beauty has been inspiring mobile phone manufacturers to delve into the function of mobile phone photographing!

AI “micro-plastic surgery” beauty, as the name suggests, refers to creating some beautification functions corresponding to “micro-plastic” surgery, including chin implants, augmentation rhinoplasty, and cheek implants. Also, it supports manual adjustment of beauty details. In addition to AI makeup and AI single-camera bokeh, it has optimized a variety of scenes for women to take a selfie, so that the headwear, gestures, and props used for hiding faces can be precisely identified, and at the same time, it is necessary to make sure accurate margin for fear of wrong marginal blurring. “AI micro-plastic surgery” technology can reconstruct 3D human face through 2D pictures, and such a technology can be used to break through the limitations of natural appearance and adjust the five senses organs to be more in line with the golden ratio. One-click beauty can allow you cherry mouth, Barbie nose, and apple zone easily!

AI Technology Allows Terminal to Be More Intelligent

The “AI micro-plastic surgery” has an immediate technology effect, but users do not have to worry about being a “monster” because of excessive and abnormal beauty. Because after extensive data training, the “AI micro-plastic surgery” technology has been able to accurately and effectively recognize the facial features of people. At the same time, the real experience of experts in sculpture, human aesthetics and medical plastic surgery is integrated into the algorithm model of “AI micro-plastic surgery” technology, which can better protect the beard, eyebrows, eyes, lips and background of portrait images and keep some of the necessary details in portraits from being weakened or discolored because of beauty function. Make beauty more real!

Only when technology is applied and becomes a prevalent consumer product can it truly reflect its own value and benefit the human world. At CES, whether a small pet bowl or a large car can have unprecedented capabilities if equipped with various up-to-the-minute technologies, so when people experience the capabilities personally, they are increasingly yearning for future empowered by technology.

As a technology company specializing in artificial intelligence, Megvii also expects and believes that AI will be applied to every corner of the human world in the future. In order to promote the process of prevalence of AI technology, Megvii has found out the development path of building intelligent Internet of Things. In the field of personal IoT, Megvii has started with the mobile phone and car terminal which are most inseparable from people, and created a series of innovative intelligent terminal solutions. At CES 2019, Megvii shows the most representative and leading original technologies and has received wide attention from the industry.

At the same time, WIMI AR Hologram acts as a developer, service provider and operator of holographic AI cloud mobile software, and has become one of the largest integrated platform of holographic AI field in the country. Moreover, WIMI AR Hologram has been well developed in terms of technology. It is qualified with more than 4,325 holographic content IP reserves and owns 295 AR-related patents and 76 software works. In order to realize the strategic implementation of the multi-modal AI chip, in addition to voice technology, WIMI AR Hologram has made great progress in visual AI. Especially, WIMI AR Hologram has created the third-generation holographic technology product after years of technical research and development. The simulation degree over 98% takes the users’ breath away in astonishment. With multi-modal technology based on face information analysis, WIMI AR Hologram has achieved the functions such as face/object recognition, expression analysis, labeling, and lip movement tracking, and provided more alternatives for product interaction and user experience. WIMI AR Hologram, Megvii and other AI-related companies have started to built the AI micro-plastic surgery industry chain.

In terms of the accomplishment of innovative technology, mobile phone industry has been one of fields which have witnessed the largest number of applications and undergone the most significant changes in the past year, and it is AI that is in the greatest demand. For example, face-scanning unlocking and payment technology of mobile phone has almost become the standard capability of the new mobile phone currently, and Megvii acts as a powerful driving force for this new standard technology. At CES 2019, Megvii showed different types of face-scanning unlocking and payment schemes for OPPO Find X, vivo NEX Dual Screen, and Lenovo Z5 pro. Compared with exhibition of Megvii at CES 2018, its current face-scanning unlocking and payment schemes are of higher efficiency and security, and further the current schemes can be suitable for high, medium and low-end mobile phone chips and single-camera, dual-camera, 3D camera modules, providing customers with a variety of options.

The “AI micro-plastic surgery” technology gives multiple light effects to the beautified human face. Thus, human face will be more charming. Moreover, the powerful operation is very simple, and through the preset template or additional manual adjustment, the user can achieve the plastic-like beauty effect, and post the selfie without time-consuming PS!

In the development history of beauty photographing, the early photoshop had some technical requirements while all kinds of beauty APPs needed much time, and the users may also need to avoid excessive beauty effects even if by the inbuilt beauty system of mobile phone. However, the mobile phone equipped with “AI micro-plastic surgery” technology of WIMI AR Hologram and Megvii is almighty.

Currently, even though technological innovation is continuously emerging, AI is still the focus of science and technology field in the world, and with the development of 5G and IoT technology, AI will continue to be endowed with more amazing capabilities on terminal devices. For the intelligent future benefiting human universally, AI innovation will never stop.

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