Senmer News Wire Introduces The Unknown Benefits of Press Release Distribution For Promotion Business Online

March 14 07:35 2019

As a relatively unfamiliar marketing method for domestic enterprises, overseas English news press releases distribution service are beginning to be familiar with a few foreign trade enterprises. In these enterprises, a well-known saying in the business field is fully verified: success often belongs to the pioneer. In English press release articles, your links or website addresses are placed in the article body or company introductions, viewed and commented from a third-party perspective. After all, readers are more likely to see flesh-and-blood text, to deal with real people (rather than passively receiving highly garbage-laden advertisements), rather than with companies or just keywords.

Relevant real comments and descriptions in the article, appropriate placement of some key words, make the article credible and persuasive, more acceptable to potential clients. In addition to textual descriptions, English news releases article (for example, World News Agency news releases) also integrates the promotion functions of SNS social media: articles can insert YouTube videos, photos, Facebook links, twitter links, shop links, and so on. That is to say, English press releases are not just a bunch of persuasive words, but a clever combination of social network (SNS) marketing, video marketing, photo display, etc. The comprehensive promotion is far from being comparable to any other tool.

senmer news wire press release distribution service

Many companies distribute news press releases through Senmer News Wire, and use news marketing to maximize media exposure to improve the visibility of companies, which has made a lot of gains. By contrast, there are few companies that use English press releases to promote their brand.

Senmer News Wire summed up Seven Key Points for Using Press Releases to promote business 

1. Clear Target Direction

Any news marketing plan, there needs to be a clear goal. It is to carry out crisis public relations, brand communication, increase sales or increase the reputation of enterprises or individuals. The goal should not change frequently, and the corresponding work should be carried out around the goal.

2. Choosing the Way of Communication

If we have prepared the news press release well, but not find the proper way to spread it and there is no widespread communication, then it will be a result of futile efforts. Therefore, the choice of media for news dissemination must be the mass media. Only by choosing the mass media can we expand the scope of news dissemination and cause sensationalism. It should be remembered that the purpose of news marketing is not to be accurate, but to expand the scope of communication.

3. Deep Understanding of the Media

How can the media report on your business or brand? The key point is that you have to understand the media, the positioning of the media and the characteristics of the columns. we must use the principle of reciprocity to deal with the media, study the columns and characteristics of the media, and summarize the preferences of various media.

4. Objective And Equality Of News

The release of news articles should be objective and impartial from the perspective of the media. Speaking with facts, we can make people feel that this is true, credible and authoritative, so as to produce news effects.

5. Compliance with the Rules of News

Keep in mind that false news, false news or news that is not news is certainly unreliable. Making news is OK, but the key is that you make news that can withstand everyone’s scrutiny. Don’t make news for the sake of news. Follow the rules of news and don’t go against the grain.

6. Rejection of Negative News

Positive reports can add points and colors to the brand, whereas negative reports will damage the brand. Before doing news marketing, we need to clarify this direction to ensure that every marketing promotion money is spent on knife edge and brand addition.

7. Maintaining Continuous Reporting

A good news plan should be continuous and series, not a hammer sale. Many enterprises often prepare 1 to 2 press releases when they make news planning, without sustainability and relevant follow-up. If they do so, the newly hyped news topics or characters will not have sustained attention.

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