More Companies Investing in Invaluable Penetration Testing

March 14 07:28 2019

Cyber-attacks have become more rampant now more than ever before. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to carry out regular penetration testing and vulnerability tests to identify security breaches and make sure that cyber frameworks are always functioning. 

Understanding Penetration Testing 

The main goal of penetration testing is to identify security risks and breaches in the system which may negatively affect the availability, integrity, and privacy of data. It does this by mimicking a real attack. Normally, security analysts of a company pose as hackers to identify vulnerabilities. The difference between a real hacker and a penetration tester is that the former usually has permission from the business owner and is expected to give feedback after conducting an analysis. The aim of penetration testing is to confirm that current security measures are viable and to identify security loopholes with the latest attack set. So, why is penetration testing critical to the security of the organization? Read on to discover more. 

Maintain Privacy 

If data is not protected, it could lead to legal consequences and loss of trust. A single security breach can compromise the company’s revenue by tampering with accounting records. Penetration testing is designed to help a company assess the time it takes for hackers to access the system so as to prepare security personnel for future attacks. Hop over to this website to learn more.

Penetration Testing Shows Areas of Security That Require Immediate Investing 

Studies have indicated that more than 50% of small business experience cyber-attacks, with 60% of these companies closing their business within 4 months. This proves that it is not safe for businesses and you cannot prevent cyber threats and attacks by only installing a firewall and anti-virus software. Through 2019, businesses need to upgrade and update their cybersecurity and defenses. However, it might be challenging to know what to do. This is where penetration testing from companies like Digital Defense comes in. Knowing your security weaknesses helps you spend your money the right way to enhance defenses. 

Penetration Testing Helps to Substantiate Security Layout 

If a company’s security team is working well and back their actions, penetration reports will validate them. Working with an external entity helps to determine whether or not the security system provides protection, as expected. Once a company has identified its security needs, costs must be justified, and the right amount of money allocated. Reports from penetration testing and security analysts can validate proposals from the security department, which can help them request for additional funding. Showing factual data and evidence is the right key for the IT department to secure investments. 


Sometimes, your security and development teams may not like the results from vulnerability and penetration testing. However, these testing procedures are important if you want to ensure a secure application that will protect your business and its reputation. Lastly, consider investing in an application risk correlation software that simplifies the use of vulnerability and pen testing. Remember, the earlier you set up your security frameworks, the safer your business is.

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