Combining Storytelling with a Native Ads Platform – The Ultimate Marketing Strategy?

March 14 07:22 2019

Storytelling has been a powerful marketing tool for centuries, but the recent rise in native advertising strategies, has made it even more important than it’s ever been. Native advertising is when a publisher will run an ad that closely resembles the editorial content that they provide their audience. This blurring of the lines between content and advertising is already a powerful marketing strategy in and of itself, but when combined with storytelling elements, it takes on a whole new dimension. Let’s take a look at why combining story telling with native advertising is such a great way to meet your marketing objectives. 

How Native Advertising is Used 

If this were 20 to 30 years ago, native advertising would likely have been used mostly in magazines and newspapers, but these days it is more prominently used by any online publication on their website. Blogs, news sites that run editorials, and aggregation sites can all make use of native advertising. This allows the ad to reach an audience that already has an interest in the subject matter, allowing for very targeted marketing and higher conversions. 

Of course, there are laws about this sort of thing. In most areas, it is mandatory that the publication disclose that the content is actually an ad. That aside, native advertising is proven to work, and will not be a surprise to see the Global Native Advertising Market Set to be worth over $400BN by 2025.” 

Why Storytelling Works 

The reason storytelling has been such a powerful force in marketing for so many years is the fact that stories connect with people on a deeper emotional level. Everyone has a story to tell, and when you tell your audience a story that they strongly identify with, it is much easier to get them to lower their guard and consider the offer that you’re presenting them. This is why so many “male enhancement” ads online take the form of a story-based sales letter. The whole “I did it and so can you” approach really does work wonders. 

The Dream Team: Storytelling + Native Advertising 

As you have probably guessed, combining storytelling elements with native advertising is ultra-powerful for getting results. But why? The fact is that when you use native advertising with storytelling elements, it increases the feeling of “authenticity.” This is a strategy used by many marketing firms including Storygize who specialize in both native advertising and storytelling style marketing. 

Power Up Your Marketing 

If you publish content online, you should definitely take a look into storytelling and native advertising. It’s a powerful marketing strategy that’s changing the very way people think about promoting their brand both online and offline. Going forward, we can expect this style of marketing to continue to play a big part in how companies promote their brand and present themselves to the public. In fact, the combination of native advertising and storytelling may just become the new standard for online advertising in general.

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