From E-Liquid To Wholesale Vape Products: Four Tips For Budding Vapers

March 14 05:21 2019

Tobacco smoking is one of the most common cause of death in the world, killing more than 480,000 people per year in the United States alone. Because of this, alternatives for giving up cigarettes are becoming widely popular to smokers who want to quit smoking tobacco. One of the most popular alternatives is electronic cigarettes or what is more popularly known as vaping.

Peter Hajek and his colleagues at Queen Mary University made a study pitting e-cigarettes with other tobacco alternatives. According to the study, vaping beats nicotine gums and others at helping people quit smoking. Smokers who want to quit smoking put vaping on the top of the list as an alternative. As a growing market, vaping products now have varieties of different kind of people. Before starting on e-cigarettes, here are the four tips every beginner should know.

Always do your Research

Unlike the tobacco where the user will just light a fire and smoke immediately, vaporizers require a lot of effort. The user needs to clean the tank, replace parts (like batteries), and to choose what kind of E-liquid to use. Before setting out into the journey and buying a vaporizer, it is recommended to do your homework and research how vaping works, its pros, and cons, and weigh out if this venture is beneficial for you.

Wholesale Vape Products are Available Online

Vapes are offered in online stores such as Oji Vape. Shopping vape products online have a lot of benefits and are overall more convenient than shopping in physical stores. Although the number of physical stores rose in the last couple of years, it still cannot beat the variety of products offered in online vape stores. In addition, a lot of vape product purchases are still happening online. 

Another advantage of ordering vape products online is the availability of stocks. Mass production and delivery of vape products are also available online, which is perfect for people who want to resell vape products or purchase a lot for their friends. As per places like, wholesale product purchases are cheaper than retail because of the economies of scale. 

Start from the best Cheapest Vaporizer Option

When you’re just starting out, it is better to choose the cheapest vaporizer option. Go to a well-known store or browse a well-known site that offers vapes and always choose the cheapest best seller. Why not aim for the best option?

High-end vaporizers like box mods cost a lot and are more technical than the cheaper low-end e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are the most commonly suggested vaporizer for a beginner as it is cheaper and less-technical to use, perfect for beginners. When you finally decided that vaping is the right option for you, opt for better vaporizers. There are even sites such as that offer customized cartridges for vape pros. 

But Always Choose Premium E-Liquids

The vaping experience will greatly be affected by the E-Liquid or vape juice being used. There are a lot of stores that offer cheaper e-liquid online and even on physical stores. However, these cheap e-liquid products contain impurities and might get you sick. Premium e-liquid uses medical-grade nicotine and food-grade ingredients, which is safe and harmless. Not to mention that the taste of cheap vape juice is very different than the premium-grade ones.

Investing in vaping can be overwhelming for other people. However, for smokers who want to quit tobacco smoking, this might be the best option for them. Unlike tobacco, vaping is more of an adventure because of its wide variety of flavors, and this might just be the reason for you to get hooked.

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