Free Vape Juice Offers Winning Over Traditional Smokers

March 14 04:17 2019

Lately, the e-cigarette market has been soaring day by day. As the demand for the e-cigarette increases so is the demand for e-juice. To put matters to perspective, the E-Juice Market Is Set To Experience Revolutionary Growth By 2024. This growth rate can be attributed to the fact that e-juice is moderately safe, and it comes as a combination of various flavors and ingredients. These may include vegetable glycerin and nicotine. Flavored vape juice grants the user a profound sensation as well as distinct tastes. Some of the benefits of vaping are: 

Different Flavors 

Unlike the traditional cigarette that relies on tobacco as the only product, e-cigarette uses juices. Typically, these juices include propylene glycol, water, flavoring, and nicotine. Currently, there are over 8000 flavored juices in the market, and they include menthol, banana, mix flavors and many more. For more information on some of these flavors, please visit our website

Fresh Smell 

It is common to have bad odors after smoking. This gets more annoying if you are a chain smoker. However, vape juice is the solution to this predicament. With over 8000 flavors, individuals have the luxury of choosing which flavor to use. Not only does it get rid of mouth odors, but e-juice is also essential in preventing extrinsic stains that are obtained from tobacco smoking. 


With global tobacco prices increasing daily, it is only ideal for switching to a more affordable and safer way of smoking – e-cigarette. At an affordable price, individuals can smoke up juices for weeks. For instance, a ten milliliter of e-liquid is estimated to last between 3 and seven days. Additionally, these liquids are worth between 10 and 25 dollars and can last for months depending on the usage. 

Reduces Anxiety 

Traditional smoking has been attributed to inducing resistance along the airways. Coupled with other issues such as sleep deprivation and shortness of breath, high amounts of tobacco smoking lead to anxiety and later panic attacks. Vaping can actually help reduce anxiety in some smokers.

You can Manage Your Nicotine Intake 

With traditional cigarettes, you are aware that you have taken a certain amount of nicotine for every “roll.” However, when using a vape, you can choose which flavor works for you. It is noteworthy that not all vape juices have nicotine. Unlike traditional cigs, companies like Vapebox allow users to customize their vaping experience by choosing which vape juices to order and which to avoid. While this helps manage your nicotine uptake, it also reduces your chances of developing an addiction to the liquid. 

Reduced Health Risk 

When compared to traditional smoking, e-cigarettes are less harmful. While conventional cigarettes contain over 7000 toxic chemicals, e-cigarettes only contain a handful of chemicals. It works by heating the liquid to water vapor which is then inhaled. 

Reduced Passive Smoking 

Passive smoking is the inhalation of second-hand smoking by individuals other than active smokers. Conventional cigarettes have been attributed to causing massive health risks to second-hand smokers. Nonetheless, with the invention of modern-day vaping, these risks have been reduced significantly. One standout feature for vape smoking is that it possesses no threat to neighboring individuals while smoking. 


Over time conventional smoking has been surpassed with individuals preferring safer methods such as vaping. While different people may have varying opinions, it is only fair to agree that vaping juice is less harmful than traditional smoking. Nonetheless, it is not a secret that issues such as passive smoking and extrinsic stains torment conventional smokers, but for vaping, individuals manage to smoke safely while also preventing teeth discoloration.

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