Maintaining Loyal Customers Becoming Easier with Incentives and Kiosks

March 14 04:03 2019

After a good exercise of marketing your business, customer retention has turned out to be one of the biggest challenges with many businesses. Competition is one of the biggest challenges, since customers have many options to look at for any particular product. It would only be wise for a business to work out better and more advanced ways to win over their competitors and convince their customer that they deserve their loyalty. There are a few things a business can implement to retain loyal customers as detailed below. 

Special Offers To Customers 

As much as a business’ big focus is making profits, it is also advisable at times to try and share this with your customers. Create special events and days and announce widely to all of them about the offer. A good example would be doing this during holidays and special seasons. These may come in different modes which include discounts on the products, special invitations to events fully catered for by the business, shopping coupons, meals and even birthday presents to customers. These offers help the customer feel special, and they would never think of moving. 

Capitalizing On Online Marketing 

Online marketing is one of the widest ways to reach out to many customers. Any person can easily log in to your site, view everything you have to offer, make an order immediately and receive as soon as possible. They also give updated information to interested customers about new products, new upcoming outlets and also price changes. A good example would be when CBD kiosks are coming to a mall near you; they would update and notify all clients that live there to know it’s now easier to access these products. 

Ask For Feedback From The Customers 

This is one of the oldest ways of making a customer feel accepted. Show interest in knowing what they think after visiting your business. It could be a shop, a kiosk, a restaurant or a grocery shop. Make sure everything they say especially their complaints get to be handled well in the future. See this website to learn more about how kiosks can help a small business.Understand all their preferences and try as much to meet it all. It would feel very nice for a client only to get all the product s/he would have requested last time s/he wrote feedback. 

Rewarding Customers With Loyalty Points 

Loyalty points tend to pull your clients very close to your business as they know at the end of it; these points get redeemed to the same value as cash. Loyalty points increase a customer’s lifetime value in the business by 30%. Loyalty points also help bring back lost customers. Make it more fun by getting different ways of earning the points and referring new customers, shopping for times in a certain period and hitting a certain target of cash spent over a given period. Allow them to redeem their points whenever they wish to. That would earn you more trust from them. 

It could be a little difficult for small business in maintaining customers but in the same case, applying some of these simple skills could change this to a different story. Good customer care also means a lot. Customer care is not only about smiling and but also listening to the client, giving them what they would like, rectifying where the clients feel not to be right and also appreciating them for choosing to shop with you.

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