March 14 03:27 2019

G13 is celebrating an exciting new collaboration, with a new product launch taking place ahead of the upcoming Spannabis event in Barcelona.

Teaming up with Dr Zodiak’s Moonrock represents a natural progression for the brand, which includes a variety of different lifestyle and arts wings including G13TV, G13 Music and G13 Club.

Dr Zodiak’s Moonrock is a highly-regarded company in the United States, with a roster of celebrity clients, and its founder is the creator of popular cannabis product Moonrock, known for its potency and strength. Based in California, Arizona and about to make moves into new territories (including Canada), the brand is continuing to rise, right alongside G13’s own upward trajectory.

“Getting together with G13 this season was the same as hanging with old friends. No matter how far away we are from each other, we have the same kind of backgrounds and taste in music, street life, skating, graffiti, the arts and of course good weed,” says Dr. Zodiak. “We belong to the same type of tribe, and this partnership happened very naturally. Celebrating life in Barcelona with G13 sounds like the best plan to us!”

A live stream is planned 6pm EU time on Friday, 15th March 2019, which will be viewable via www.g13club.com. This stream will include Jonah Tacoma of Dabstars, testing G13 products live. 

G13 is supported by the likes of Jenny-Beth Dills of United Cannabis, Kind Consulting and Chloe Villano of Cloverleaf, who will be interviewing key influencers including Frenchy Canoli, The Cali Connection, Mammoth Microbes, High Times and more.

Spannabis will take place between Friday 15th March and Sunday 17th March 2019. To find out more about Dr Zodiak’s Moonrock visit their website at www.zodiaksmoonrock.com. To discover G13, head to the official website at www.g13club.com.

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