Jasmine Jones, Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer Of Cherry Blossom Intimates, Named In 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Retail And Ecommerce List

January 02 12:12 2019

2019 begins a high note for Washingtonian Jasmine Jones, whose impressive career trajectory, business acumen and social activism has landed her a coveted spot in the 2019 Forbes Under 30 list in the Retail and Ecommerce category.

Ms. Jones, who is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cherry Blossom Intimates, was inspired by her grandmother’s struggle to find appropriate intimate wear, post her mastectomy, to found the groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind breast health facility and bra boutique in Prince George’s County, Maryland, which specifically caters to the intricate needs of women in the throes of battling breast cancer, as well as its survivors. Cherry Blossom Intimates offers custom color-matched breast prosthetics made using post-mastectomy 3-D chest wall scans; breast forms, mastectomy bras and a host of other post-surgical supplies for breast cancer survivors, as well as a choice array of bras in sizes A through Q cup.

Cherry Blossom Intimates’ location was not chosen by chance, seeing as the Washington, D.C. area has the highest breast cancer and breast cancer mortality rates in the country. A 2016 District of Columbia Department of Health report revealing breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the city, with Ward 8, whose population is 92% African American, having the highest incidences. In addition to carefully positioning Cherry Blossom Intimates in an area where its services are needed the most, Ms. Jones further made sure that the store provides in-house medical billing for clients who are unsure how to navigate the insurance process, all while upholding the founders’ core values of empowering survivors and bringing joy to the post-breast cancer bra shopping experience.

In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Ms. Jones was named Miss District of Columbia USA 2016, and is the founder of The Global Literacy Initiative, an organization that facilitates partnerships between corporations, communities and library systems, to ensure that all children have access to their local library and have books readily available in their homes.

Her advocacy work, however, has also reached the Capitol Hill, as Ms. Jones has passionately campaigned for better healthcare for breast cancer patients, specifically in their choice of post-mastectomy prosthetics, meeting with more than 20 state congressional offices to advocate the passing of bi-partisan legislation that will ensure that Medicare coverage includes custom breast prosthetics. The passage of such legislation will impact all women across the nation and will ensure that after a mastectomy, a woman has a choice in the color, shape and size of her prosthetic breast.

In 2019, Ms. Jones is expected to touch all 7 continents, seeing as she is invited to speak in venues, conferences and events around the globe about Cherry Blossom Intimates; female entrepreneurship; the customer relationship experience; and creative retailing.

Those interested in inviting Ms. Jones as a speaker to their event can contact Ms. Jordan Ford at [email protected].

To learn more about Ms. Jasmine Jones, please visit www.jasminerjones.com.

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